Media Exposure / PR / Promotional Tips: What is your unicorn factor?

2019-05-17 Business No comment

When it comes to the interest of landing media and the exposure of national writers, journalists, producers and bloggers, don't be like other people… literally.

I always tell my customers and the people I consult:

“My media contact is not looking for horses or even zebras, but looking for UNICORNS–so what is your unicorn factor?”

What makes your business, product or expertise a unicorn for this horse and zebra world?

What makes it unique and therefore interesting and newsworthy for the media and customers?

Many top public relations organizations, media exposure experts and public relations personnel have successfully followed this philosophy throughout the country, providing a wide range of media exposure for our customers across North America.

The key is to first identify the most compelling differentiation factors and then share these news stories with media contacts in newspapers, magazines, broadcast media and national online media to help them organize their content for their outlets – and for You create valuable exposure, your business or product.

Every entrepreneur, company, product or expert is different and unique – a unicorn. But you need to know this fact and share it with the media market to get the benefit.

Your task [or the role of the PR team] is presenting your true differentiation and then sharing this fact with the applicable media contacts – media contacts always want to offer such topics to readers, viewers, fans and subscribers .

So, I challenge you – find your unicorn factor… and then spread the news.

good luck!

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