Meditate on the way you go to the hot bath

Sometimes meditation is easy. Other days seem impossible. If you want to start, maybe every day feels like a person is on another person. As you become more familiar with these technologies, there are more good days.

However, when you encounter a bad day, it helps to know what to do. Maybe you are new to all of this, maybe you already have a lot of ideas.

This is life. You do not have to be perfect.

And because of a great technique, you even have to be decent.

The trick is to meditate in the way you enter the hot water bath.

you know what I mean. You licked your toes and then retracted immediately.

Then you go for the second time, it doesn't seem to be difficult. Maybe you stepped it on your ankle before you quit.

In the third attempt, you will drop a few times.

Then you can easily put it in warm water and wrap it up.

You can also meditate like this. Like a bath, it's much slower, but its success rate is very high.

If you are trying to meditate and it doesn't work, that's okay.

Open your eyes. Breathe. Let yourself return to normal state of consciousness.

Then go again.

Close your eyes, draw attention inward, and do whatever meditation techniques you like.

If it still doesn't work, repeat the loop. Then repeat it again. Keep moving forward until you are in a state of meditation.

One principle of hypnosis is called fractionation. The idea is to let a person go in and out and let them go deeper. This is weird, but it does work. Whenever they fall back into paralysis, they will go faster and faster.

The same is true of meditation. Whenever you close your eyes, it will become easier.

Think of it as a warm-up. The runner stretches before exercise, which is a spiritual equivalent. Experience can guide you to better results.

let me tell you:

This exercise compares your meditation skills to anything else.

Even when you are struggling, reaching the state of meditation is like training has weight. Difficult days are the places you learn the most. The struggle is where you progress.

I like how friendly this is. If it's too challenging, stop, take a break, and start over. It is so effective and enjoyable that you have no reason not to use it.

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