Mel Gibson Public Relations Crisis: From Brave Heart to Lost Soul

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I really don't want the story of belabor Mel Gibson. Obviously, a high degree of criticism of his behavior seems to be very troublesome. In addition, in an era when media experts dissect the "handling" of each new celebrity's fiasco, it is interesting to analyze how Gibson and his public relations team control or fully control the situation, but may miss the underlying problem. Next to, I have already told my work to the media.

There is a lesson here that goes far beyond the value of rotating art and science. This is a long-term "reputation management" lesson, which is a practical, not tactical, recovery that can save his soul and make him [possibly] still living in a better world.

First, the Gibson case is a useful example of the short-term spin limit. We certainly appreciate his helping the Jewish community, but as already pointed out, this may not be enough. The media fully quoted his commitment to the community after the quarrel from

The crucifixion of Christ from

 . The film's marketing campaign is based on a number of Jewish reservations about its content to create a sensational buzz that will inevitably sell tickets. Oh, too many Jewish organizations have risen.

The point of connection between the time and the present, and it is very reasonable to think that Gibson's anti-Jewish roar has any abnormalities. Gibson’s initial reaction after his arrest was otherwise unbelievable. The response is, "I am drunk."

Alcohol does not create or induce thoughts. Alcohol release ideas. The more entrenched these ideas are, the more explosive they are under their influence. from

In vino veritas from

 Mr. Gibson.

Then at some point in the day, when there was apparently no choice, they apologized for the anti-Semitic remarks. Gibson’s tragedy is only a particularly obvious example, and public relations personnel and companies representing celebrities must also be gradually resolved. With so many scandals and so many communication experts trying to use their magic on a near-daily basis, no crisis response will be more and more difficult to plan. Once it looks elaborate, it looks good and meticulously planned.

Ironically, one of the great rotating tools from Charles Corson to one of Richard Scrushy's shameful public figures does not apply to Gibson. If in doubt, please convert. Rebirth. Seek confidence and guidance in the Lord. Unfortunately, for Gibson, he has already played that card. In fact, this is the reason for getting him into trouble.

Here, the communications industry has a long history of "best practices." To persuade in such a serious sense – effectively surpass the look and feel of a cynical, well-planned response – you need from

Show, don't say from

 . You need an emotional picture that will prove that your soul is more than your non-competition request and payment fine.

In Gibson's case, we say "pain related" for two reasons. First of all, in order to be effective, his picture of remorse must be true. Emotions must be real. Gibson may be a convincing actor, but I suspect that Barrymore or Olivier can fake it in his case.

Second, it is difficult to overcome the ideological instinct that is inherited from the father who believes that the Holocaust is a fictional. For Gibson, self-awareness is the key here, and self-awareness is not cheap. The inner journey takes time and a lot of time. Too much time to save the PBS protocol. Too much time to win from

Reuters from

 Or from

Associated Press from

 Although the DWI story is still very popular. Maybe even have too much time to convince consumers of this generation of entertainment.

Modern American history offers a very powerful example of the fact that the person did the long and dark voyage we were talking about and lived to "show" the results of a marked change. Once upon a time, a governor of Alabama named George Wallace established his career in racism. He even carried out a terrible campaign for this incident during his presidency.

At the end of his life, Wallace regretted it. He said that he regretted and his face showed an expression. His body language shows this. In the past few years, my visual memory has remained in my mind for no doubt. He has no doubt condemned his hateful legacy.

Wallace not only came to this spiritually decent place through prayer – quickly solving convicted celebrities, politicians and CEOs – but through burning personal pain and suffering. Of course, Wallace’s political career is over. At this point, I may not bet Gibson's career. After all, this is Hollywood.

But he is more dangerous than this.

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