Men’s Soccer (London, England) Player ID Camp – Sun 25th June 2017

Men's Soccer (London, England) Player ID Camp - Sun 25th June 2017
Our Player ID Camp is to identify players looking to play in the USA through our variety of services on offer. The event will be open to existing clients to obtain video footage and GPS data.  The Player ID event at Tooting & Mitcham FC in London, England on Sunday 25th June 2017. Tooting & Mitcham FC has some fantastic facilities and a top quality 3G pitch so we are really looking forward to this event. The day itself will include a presentation for players that are coming along to trial which will explain everything we do as a company to help our players become student athletes. There will also be 2-3 hours practical work as well which will finish with some technical drills and game play. The showcase event will be open to all players and it is an event not to be missed if you would like to play in the USA!! Cost: FREE Ages: 15-21 years old. Details: Have to have been in education in last 2 years. European citizen. Clean criminal record. This event is for athletes who have applied via our website and been asked to come be assessed to join our service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch by phone 0113 815 0027 or email If the event is canceled due to any circumstances outside of our power, including the weather, we are unable to take any responsibility for any costs occurred.

at Tooting & Mitcham Community Sports Club
Bishopsford Road
Morden, United Kingdom



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