Metal Roof – The top 5 metal roof myth is dispelled!

Five metal roof myths for your reading fun!

In terms of the basic understanding of metal roofing, how many people can't do anything is really fascinating. Not long ago, an image of the old rusty barn roof appeared in my own mind. But now, after six years of working in metal roofing, I have a real understanding of this roofing technology. I want to share some insights with you.

After reading these tips, you will get a better understanding and appreciate the metal roofing technology.

Myth 1: The risk of lightning strikes on metal roofs is high. from

 Reality; no metal roof will not increase your chance of being hit by lightning. In fact, if your house is hit, the metal roof will help dissipate the charge, and because the metal is non-combustible, your roof won't catch fire.

Myth 2: The metal roof produces a lot of noise when it rains.

Reality; you might be thinking about an old cheap metal roof above the barn that sounds like a machine gun bursting when it rains… Modern metal roofs are usually mounted on plywood, solid jackets or existing roofs. It does not produce more noise than a normal asphalt tile roof. Metal roofs are usually quieter than non-metallic roofs and can block rain and bad weather noise.

Myth 3: Metal roofs cost a lot of money.

Reality; it might look like, but it really doesn't! You may be surprised, but it is actually a metal roof Lower cost If you stay in your house long enough, than the asphalt tile roof. Not only does it increase the value of your home, it also helps you save on cooling costs. Metal roofs can save up to 50% in energy costs during the summer. Finally, the metal roof may be the last roof you have installed on your home. forever and always! If you get a high quality installation from a qualified metal roof contractor. From the homeowner's point of view, learn from this hypothetical metal roof cost and asphalt tile roof example.

Myth 4: The metal roof is prone to rust.

Reality; modern metal roofs can be used for decades. The steel metal roof has a metal coating of zinc or aluminum that is bonded to the steel and then coated with high quality paint to withstand the most severe abuse in inclement weather and provide the ideal color that the homeowner wants. And appearance.

Myth 5: Metal roofs are susceptible to dents.

Reality; modern metal roofs can withstand years of abuse in bad weather such as hail, extreme wind and snow. Hail does not dent the metal roof, and extremely strong winds do not pose a threat because many modern metal roof systems are rated at 120 mph. In fact, the metal roof performed very well in the hurricane. It is not uncommon to see that the metal roof is not damaged. Next to the bare common roof, they lost all herpes zoster and plywood in the hurricane.

When I wrote these five metal roof myths, another metal roof myth appeared! This bonus! Please enjoy!

Dividend myth: You can't walk on a metal roof without damaging it.

Reality; although it is necessary to take all necessary precautions before taking a risk outing, the metal roof is completely walkable. I recommend running shoes like Asics because they provide good traction on your feet on the roof. When it's raining, avoid walking on the roof because you can easily slip. The rule of thumb is to leave the roof when the roof surface is wet. Please contact your roof contractor for specific techniques for walking on an installed metal roof.

I hope you enjoy reading my metal roofing skills and you have learned a little about metal roofing.

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