Metcalfe's law and multi-level marketing index growth

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You may be wondering what the Metcalf law has to do with your multi-level marketing business. That's why, if properly applied, Metcalfe's Law will produce exponential growth for your multi-level marketing business.

According to Wikidepia, Metcalfe’s law states that the value of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of system users [ from

n from

 2]. Originally developed by Robert Metcalfe on Ethernet, Metcalfe's law explains many of the network effects of communication technologies and networks such as the Internet and the World Wide Web. The number of unique connections in the network of multiple nodes [n] can be mathematically expressed as n*[n-1]/2.

The law often uses the example of a fax machine to illustrate: a single fax machine is useless, but the value of each fax machine increases with the total number of fax machines in the network, because the total number of users per user may be increased by sending and receiving files. .

In order to make the Metcalfe law perspective, every new user in your case, your business partner or downline will expand the possibilities of all others already there. Therefore, understanding this law is very important because it compares the reasons for your multi-level marketing business. Know that your business is experiencing an exponential stimulus when it reaches a certain point. And every business partner has made an important contribution to this law.

Therefore, please stick to and continue to recruit, because every new business partner you have in the multi-level marketing business is expanding the possibilities.

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