Metro Nashville Government 2017 Annual Business Symposium

Metro Nashville Government 2017 Annual Business Symposium
Nashville is a thriving city and constantly working toward a more inclusive and powerful tomorrow. By being a part of this focused movement, we can all exceed our expectations collectively. This year's symposium will give you the opportunity for guidance and provide synergy that enables you to make your vision a reality.   Expect to have the opportunity to experience: Mayor Megan Barry One-on-One meetings with Metro Departments Workforce Development Session   One-on-One meetings with Business Owners Metro Forecasting Session New Ways to New Money Session Organized Networking Social Media Marketing Assistance Quick tips from Business Professionals   Please plan to attend the "Collaboration for Excellence Mixer" at Cabana Nashville immediately following the Business Symposium. We look forward to seeing at the 2017 Metro Nashville Business Symposium! Special thanks to our Partners: Belmont University Nashville Business Incubation Center Mixtroz Skanska Tennessee Latin American Chamber of Commerce Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority        

at Belmont University College of Law
1901 15th Avenue South
Nashville, United States



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