Mini four-wheeled ATV – child safety features

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With the increasing popularity of outdoor extreme sports, more and more people are beginning to pay attention to this trend. As the sport became more popular, the children also started riding the mini four-wheeler ATV. However, due to the high probability of accidents in such sports, we as parents are responsible for ensuring that the ATVs we purchase for our children are equipped with appropriate safety features to ensure that our children are always safe while allowing them to enjoy the sport. .

The Mini Quad ATV is equipped with state-of-the-art security features to keep our kids safe and secure. Children are not as skilled as adults and require different feature sets; they usually do not appear on larger and more advanced ATVs. The mini quad is equipped with two headlights, including low beam and high beam, which are standard on all mini quads. It is equipped with two taillights [LEDs] and brake lights for signals and warnings to turn left or right, as well as signals that the vehicle has or will stop to a complete stop. The four-wheeler is equipped with a tire pressure gauge that measures the tire pressure of the tire. It is equipped with safety controls such as thumb throttle, electric start, brake lever [normal brake program], stop switch [emergency stop], and remote control vehicle safety switch for remote control of the speed required by the four-wheeler. The mini four-wheeler is equipped with a safety tether and the safety tether is located at the rear of the vehicle and acts as an emergency stop switch. All mini quads are equipped with their own ignition key. The mini quad-core is equipped with a standard 12-volt motorcycle battery to meet the needs of Sifang Electric. All Mini Quad ATVs come with standard safety pedals for stability.

In addition to the quadrilateral safety features, it is recommended that our children wear additional safety equipment such as helmets and pads for added safety and protection.

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