MLM 4.0 – How to grow your online marketing business online

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Direct marketing, multi-level marketing and online marketing are terms used to describe a dynamic industry that sees many entrepreneurs seizing opportunities to earn additional revenue by promoting products and services from third-party companies. One often starts this venture because they are committed to increasing financial returns as they continue to operate the business for several years.

They often enter venture capital through a friend who has already signed up, through the people they talk to at the trade show booth, or through the products they have heard and want to try; first, the customer, then the sales branch.

Starting such a business is undoubtedly a tough job, especially when you have to face-to-face to learn the art of selling one-to-one to others. This is a daunting task for many people, often before and after paying for something and paying for a certain type of "starter kit", and after trying to reach the monthly benchmark quota, to meet monthly Remuneration requirements [usually means that when you start buying a large number of products yourself to meet the monthly baseline quotas – sound familiar?], many people will give up after a few months of hard work and a lot of personal cash.

But some people are persistent. You persist, because you are stubborn, refuse to quit, or your goals are too important for your future. MLM drives you to face-to-face sales, not online sales, because it's face-to-face, and potential buyers can see your passion for the product, increasing your chances of selling. In addition, the company doesn't want to create a bad name for itself because thousands of product marketers on the Internet send spam to thousands of people because it sells successfully. This approach is easier to reach, rather than facing someone and selling them one-on-one – face to face. Therefore, they regularly develop some very strict rules that dictate what you can do and what you can't do online when you represent the company – and who can blame them – this is the brand they represent there.

By selling online, you can stay away from some of the fears associated with “face-to-face sales.” Cold calls to new prospects become much less stressful. You can automate a lot of the things you do, so work is not so dense and you can work multiple times at the same time. Countries/regions explode your business without leaving your chairman at home.

What is the trick? You must become bigger than the MLM / Network Marketing company you belong to. People need to find you because you are a knowledgeable authority, not because they know that you are promoting the product XYZ.

Once you can build your authority online, you will get followers and evangelists for your career. You can sell these affiliates to these fans – because you have already established relationships with them in other ways. Instead of sending spam to them, you are educating them, and then you provide the product to an existing follower to help resolve issues you have not previously discovered.

You can do a lot of things to become an authority on the web:

  • Advice via blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc.
  • Post comments to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Google+, etc.
  • Guests post where you can
  • Start sending newsletters and emails and build a list of your email subscribers.
  • Start podcast series, hold webinars, etc.

Therefore, it is bigger than the products you promote. Build an online follower base by becoming an authority on your business niche and then help them use your product. You will see your affiliate business grow rapidly and exponentially.

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