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    • avatar Dahyun Adubu 1

      ign: isympathy
      id: 55189906
      skin: eudora

      • avatar Not Vanoss 1

        Thank you soo much ask vell this is my first video of yours that I watch keep up the work

        • avatar Rose Sy 1

          is this hero worth it for 24k?

          • avatar Nini Kkun 2

            Is it just me or you sound like Vin Diesel? Anyway im having a hard time using this character no matter how many times i watch this 😂

            • avatar Zachary Haley 1

              it's graves with a cigar and Warwick , I'ma play the shit out of him

              • avatar Jayden Sorenson 1

                username: Kaccai
                Id: 9890590
                server: 5002
                location: USA
                skin: Hidden orchid butterfly (Ruby )

                • avatar Lord Vampire 1

                  ID : 27119631
                  IGN : Flik
                  Skin: Hidden Orchid Butterfly

                  Thanks for the build VeLL

                  • avatar Rainbow Bish 1

                    IGN: Plague07
                    ID: 43095493(3211)
                    Skin: flower fairy rafaela

                    • avatar ferry daniel 1

                      how he can play roger before the update came out?

                      • avatar Mayra Garcia 1

                        vell read his please ok lol the build is………..AMAZING!!!

                        • avatar Nighthawk21 2

                          IGN: Nighthawk21
                          SKIN: Yi sun shin: apocalypse agent

                          • avatar Shisui UchiGOAT 1

                            i liked the logic :/

                            • avatar James Choke 0

                              James Choke 22759816 (6028)

                              • avatar Jūśt!forFúñ 1

                                i got 2 quadra with him

                                • avatar DaViD sooN 1

                                  you have low graphic and off shadow and frame :D