Mobile Phones – The Latest Marketing Platforms

You must be among the hundreds of people who own a smartphone. If you do possess one, have you ever considered doing a comparison of how much you use it for its primary function i.e. calling and how much for browsing the internet? A study by The Telegraph (UK) in 2012 revealed that people owning smartphones used it more for browsing the internet or communicating via social media than for phone calls. Respondents to the survey spent nearly 25 minutes each day on browsing the internet and 17 minutes for social media communication. In comparison, using smartphones for talking constituted just 12 minutes per day. A survey conducted by Google revealed that 67% of people would be likelier to buy a product or a service from a mobile-friendly site. These statistics and surveys highlight the importance of having mobile websites in today's world.

Creating mobile-ready websites involves the use of 3 accepted techniques, namely responsive web designs, dedicated mobile site creation and a new emerging technique that has been referred to as a blend of responsive design-cum-server side components.
 Responsive Web Design involves using CSS3 media queries to adjust the layout of the web page based on the size of the user's viewing area. The same HTML code gets utilized for displaying a different web page layout for desktops, mobile phones etc.
 Creating a dedicated mobile site involves using the desktop website to redirect the user to a subdomain that forms the landing page for the mobile website.
 Responsive Design-cum-Server Side Components entails using server-side programming to generate custom CSS and HTML for different devices. When users access the site from their desktop, they would receive the code pertaining to the desktop and when they access it from a mobile device, they receive the code corresponding to the mobile device. In short, the program recognizes where the user has accessed the site from and responds/directs the user accordingly.
Undoubtedly, none of these methods can be called foolproof and each possesses its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Once you have a mobile website, you can reach your customers wherever they may be. Since they carry their mobiles with them wherever they go, contacting them becomes infinitely easier. Simply Text Marketing (San Jose, CA), provides text marketing services, to communicate with customers of their clients. They use this to create awareness and publicize the product/service of their clients, thereby yielding instant results through greater coverage at a significantly lower cost.

With our Mobile websites Solution, a business now has the opportunity to connect with its prospective and existing customer base through the one device they always have with them i.e. their mobile phone.


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