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There was a time when mobile advertising was an add-on to the desktop and other traditional forms of advertising. But this is no longer the case. Now, in 2018, today's advertisers have become a necessity for reaching out to their global customers. This rapid mobile use development is due to the advent of smartphones. Smartphone users are increasing every day. According to a recent report by eMarketer, it is estimated that by the end of 2022, the number of smartphone users will reach 2.3 billion.

Use the list below to understand why mobile video ads offer better opportunities for global media and marketers/advertisers –

Mobile Video Advertising – Preferred for Marketers and Consumers ' Platforms

With the rapid growth of video consumption, consumers can clearly understand this. Watching habits are changing rapidly, and their love of video is more than just text reading. According to the IAB report, about. 52% prefer smartphones to perform tasks through desktop or traditional communication media. Marketers are quickly gaining the opportunity of rich media mobile advertising to attract more attention in terms of branding and product promotion.

Improve customer engagement

According to Diode Digital, online video advertising has 600% effective marketing tools than any other traditional means of communication. A fascinating video is about how you can attract the attention of the audience and guide them to the next level of conversation. E.g:

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Personalized and custom videos are more influential

Personalization leads to popularity! Customers feel special and privileged when establishing interpersonal communication. There are many mobile video customer interaction platforms in the media and marketing industry that help stream personalized and customized mobile videos directly into your phone’s inbox.

  They are innovative communication media that meet customer needs while maintaining customer loyalty and loyalty.

Impressively, this type of advertising platform is equipped with a unique feature called "no application and no data" that does not incur any cost to the customer and can be viewed anytime, anywhere without using any application or the Internet. While it saves advertisers a huge amount of money, it also helps to evaluate the effectiveness of their ads through a real-time tracker. This video messaging system helps increase brand awareness, improve response rates and perceived better profit margins.

Feedback options to improve and grow better

Feedback is a good way to improve! As a marketer, you can answer all your questions as quickly as possible, so you are always at the top of your customer's problem. As the volume of online searches increases, it is recommended to provide the brand in the simplest, most profitable and most effective way.

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