Monopoly game rules

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A game has always been the favorite of everyone in all age groups, and that is monopoly. Fans of the game span national borders and around the world. Still, many people are not aware of all the rules of the game. It is necessary to understand and understand the rules of monopoly games in order to become a champion when playing this game. Let's take a closer look at the rules of monopoly games:

  1. Building a hotel: Many people think that they only need to have four houses on each property before they can actually start buying a hotel. Well, this is not true. In addition, banks should also provide the optimal number of houses. If you don't have enough houses, you can't buy a hotel.
  2. Go to prison:If you enter the prison as a player, even if he doubles his score, his turn will end. Such players will no longer have the opportunity to participate again.
  3. Income tax:As a player, if a person finally gets income tax relief after passing GO, his value of $200 is included in his total value. In this case, the player can decide whether to pay 10% of the total value of $200.
  4. Amount of utility: The player does not need to scroll again to determine the fine for the utility. The number from the dice in the first volume is considered to be a fine amount.
  5. Work hard together to win:Mergers are not considered part of the official monopoly game rules, but many players add them to their personal rules book. In this case, two players can decide to play as a partner. In this case, the assets of both players cannot be combined. Instead of this, one of the two players must quit the game and then the second one continues to play.
  6. Exit the monopoly game:At any time, if the player wishes to quit the game, his assets will be returned to the bank. Players cannot give their assets to any other player. Yes, of course, the player can decide to sell his property to other players, but it is impossible to give gifts.
  7. No rent free:There is no point in the game, players can exempt other players from rent.

Players often forget these simple rules and eventually lose the game. There are many people who distort the rules of the game according to their convenience, but when playing the original rules of the game, it is more fun to play Monopoly. The design of monopoly game rules takes into account all the possibilities in the game, so they should be followed to play the game in the best and most accurate way. If you play the game with all the rules, you can avoid the possibility of disagreement on various things, and you can enjoy the game thoroughly.

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