More advice for new real estate investors

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What advice do you have for new investors?

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Find a coach/mentor In your area Who can you seek guidance for? Most importantly, with anyone you turn to, make sure they do what you want to do and talk to others they help before you promise your time and/or money.

Real estate investment is not a separate business. You need a lawyer, a certified public accountant [a knowledgeable real estate investment], a contractor, a subcontractor, a real estate agent, a property company, a closing lawyer, an inspector, an appraiser, and so on. Finding someone who has crossed the mine in front of you can save you time and money.

Should you pay on time? absolute. If they are willing to share with you what they have learned over the years and energy, they will pay for their skills in some way, and what you get from them is worth the price. If they are not worth paying, they are not worth following.

Don't just contact your peers; get in touch with people who are better than you. Jim Ron said, "You are the average of the people you are in the top 5." If you want to be better in any field, find someone who follows who is better than you.

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Join a peer group that knows you better. from

Go to all the meetings. For real estate investors, this usually means a local REIA meeting [a meeting of real estate investors associations you can find on NationalREIA.com]. You can also view MeetUp.com and any local landlord association meetings. The landlord has already started a business and can be a good source of information, as well as potential buyers and sellers.

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Set goals. make a plan. from

 How many houses do you want to buy in the next 12 months? How much value do you want to get in 5 years? When writing a goal, include a strategy to accomplish the goal. Want to buy 10 houses in the next 12 months? Break it down into pieces and find out what you need to do each month to achieve them.

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Buy real estate. from

 If you haven't started yet, let's get started! If you are buying, please buy more. If you don't do this, then 10 years have passed and you will kick yourself because you didn't buy everything you want today. The real way to learn is to do it. Books and seminars are great, but you won't know what you know and what you don't know before you jump in and start buying for yourself.

This is an old cliché “There is never a better time than buying real estate”But this is true. I believe that everything is true. Of course, you have to adjust your approach and strategy to the economy and where you invest, but everyone is at work, in the store and in life. If you don't own it, others will.

Get an education, contact your tutor, plan and buy real estate.

What can you add?

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