Munay Ki in Glastonbury

Munay Ki in Glastonbury
This Spirit of the Inca class is open to all. (PLEASE NOTE: this is a residential class and there is an additional charge for accommodation. The fee shown here is your tuition fee to Spirit of the Inca. Your full-board accommodation costs at Abbey House in Glastonbury is an additional £420.) It is a six-day residential workshop in the heart of mythic Britain. Learn how to receive and gift these powerful, sacred rites ♥ These powerful initiations from the Inca tradition transmit from person to person the codes of the new human that is evolving right now, they heal our old wounds, change our DNA and like new seeds planted in fertile soil these new codes create an energetic structure that holds a new dream of our world based on love and power working together. A world not informed by the past, but one that calls to us from who we are becoming. Through the Munay-Ki we are preparing our luminous energy bodies for the great turning, what the Inca tradition called the Pachacutti… when the world turns again the right way up. That time is now, and these rites are being transmitted person to person, passing them on – rather like a virus – one that empowers rather than incapacitates, one that is filled with love rather than fear, and one that makes us available for life rather than lifelessness. We agreed to be here at this great time, for the shifts that are taking place right now, I believe we are here to contribute to the great turning, and we are here to answer the call of our souls, to step away from the nightmare that has been dreamed for us from a place of scare-city, and wounding; to create a new dream – of equality and abundance, of sharing our resources and caring for the planet that was entrusted to us to safeguard the future for our children and all those who come after us. This is the way of the Munay Ki: that as we download these new archetypical energies into our field: we are creating an energetic structure that will hold a new dream, a dream of peace and harmony on this our planet earth. You know if you are called to this work; you will be wanting to receive and also learn how to gift these nine great initiations to others, you will know by the yearning in your soul for something other than that which you are experiencing in the world. You already know deep within you that there is another way to participate in creation. As you gift these on to others you grow them within you… During your time with us the shifts and changes that occur in our luminous energy field alone supports our evolution. For we are evolving even between generations, we are becoming homo luminous – the next step on from homo sapiens sapiens (human who knows it all!!) We are evolving into the shining ones, the bright ones, who the Inka call Children of the Sun. For further information, please contact Chris ( or Liz ( C O S T S : Tuition: there is an early-bird tuition cost of £265 until 21 July; thereafter the tuition fee is £285. £50 is non-refundable, and please also see our cancellation policy below. This is the payment you make via Eventbrite. Accommodation: £420 (fully residential at Abbey House). This must be paid in cash (£ sterling) or by cheque on arrival at Abbey House. (Abbey House does not accept payment by card.) This is a residential class, and it is not possible to stay offsite and join the class during the day. (The small print: if you cancel your place within 14 days, your tuition fee is non-refundable; if you cancel within 7 days, both your tuition fee and your accommodation fee are non-refundable.)

at Abbey House Glastonbury
Chilkwell Street
Glastonbury, United Kingdom

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