My #1 Favorite Paid Survey Site- Pinecone Research- See Why I LOVE It!

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    • avatar Morgan Bates 1

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      • avatar jpt ort 2

        UNIQUE REWARDS has a wide range of options to make money like reading emails, clicks, watching videos, COMPLETE SURVEYS
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        • avatar Lucifierium Grimnoir 1

          Does not work

          • avatar Juan Ortiz 1

            Great survey panel sends surveys of 5 dollars 6 dollars and 20 dollars the minimum to charge is 1000 pts which is equivalent to $ 10.00
            No need to request it they send it to the PayPal account.
            Registration Link: Https://

            • avatar Shelby Youtsey 2

              Got my first check today! Just hope this works out. Seems like a really good website so far.

              • avatar Timesha Peak 1

                How do u get a paypal

                • avatar Nick Zmyslo 1

                  So like, this isn't a scam site like partsurvey right?

                  • avatar Delgadorap 2

                    Hi, Sherry Marie.

                    You will see'm a man from Venezuela (Latin America) trying to work but here the situation is really hard and it is very difficult to get at least $ 1. I know, I know, this is not for you because you're American, so I would like you to recommend me some pages to work with surveys that are honest and pay.

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                    If you can (and is not much to ask) you could do me a small donation if born of your kind soul, God will thank you, please.

                    • avatar Jason Weber 1

                      I joined this site through a survey site review site called, but I was just wondering how long it took you to receive your email from them to allow you to be a user of there site? Thanks for your video, by the way.

                      • avatar edwin abello 1

                        Sherry Mary, Can you send me an invitation to join this panel as your refferal?,

                        this is my surveys email:

                        appreciate it!

                        • avatar LaShawnda Adegbile 0

                          I did… was watching several before this and they worked fine… trying it on my phone now and yes its better on the phone… any way thank you…I checked the link an unfortunately its closed :( I'll keep trying though!

                          • avatar LaShawnda Adegbile 1

                            I have my speakers turned all the way up and I can't hear you hardly at all

                            • avatar Олександр Пушкаренко 1

                              registration check how long it takes

                              • avatar Олександр Пушкаренко 0

                                I can not access my account

                                • avatar Pinoyboyz 2

                                  i click on the link above,how do i request to be on their panel? do i click the "contact us " button?

                                  • avatar Chantal Ward 1

                                    i need help to update my profile so i can get my money sent to my paypal instead can you please help me!