My big stupid traffic tragedy – why Facebook ads are not magic pills it's big publicity

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true story –

I have done a very difficult job in marketing because I listened to all the online hype about Facebook ads and their magic.

In fact, my first campaign for a paid customer was a complete disaster.

So what happened –

I contacted a local advertising company that did the project for a professional school that was willing to get more applications next year.

They want me to do online activities while working offline.

I am a completely wet newbie, and all the stupid mistakes I made in this activity, this question that makes me think [because it is the failure in the lower right corner and it takes me the most time] is…

I have not done enough market research

As many newcomers think, I thought there was enough traffic to solve any problem and everyone was on Facebook, so Facebook ads would never go wrong.

Boy, I really got a cold reality face…

I tested a lot of ideas and perspectives at the event [some of them very good] just because I knew I was driving 1000 miles on the wrong road because…

The outlook is not even on Facebook!

Can you understand how humiliating and stupid I feel about not knowing early? !

Facebook ads [or any social media marketing] are not suitable for your crows because they are not on Facebook – Duh?!

I mean, I have been drinking Facebook kool-aid, I don't even understand what really happened… I don't have a template for everyone in display marketing – every niche/activity/product should do it myself Scientific testing, no matter how anyone's opinion

If I know what I have learned since then, I will try other traffic sources and this relationship with almost all businesses –

Facebook ads are not some magical customers and traffic is rarely a problem

I mean, why do you even limit yourself to a traffic medium when there are so many now?

It's a bit like your stock portfolio – you want to diversify it [at least in the early stages], pick winners and give up losers when you see it.

And, relying on only one medium to measure the dangers of marketing, not to mention some people who call themselves digital marketers, no matter how your niche or audience use Facebook ads.

Understand marketing strategies and fundamentals over all strategies

Therefore, when looking for advertising media, your marketing should first focus on –

Where is my market?

Where are my audiences gathered?

If your audience is a retired senior – doesn't make much sense to advertise on Facebook?

It sounds simple, but you won't believe how many "online marketing masters" don't care about these important things.

You should check the source of the traffic you are testing only after considering the relevant possibilities.

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