1. Kalupz Kalupz

    12:14 :'(

  2. TonixD TonixD

    Anyone know an interface that could make me sound bassy that's under 200 dollars?

  3. TonixD TonixD

    to sound bassy do i need that auto tuner or is it just your mixer and the comp/eq(and that software)

  4. Milan Zeeman Milan Zeeman

    What is à good cheap mixer for the at2035

  5. AtomicPlayboy AtomicPlayboy

    Hi. How do you run Yamaha channel strip as standalone software and not as VST plugin? thanks

  6. JIzak JIzak

    hey would you be able to do the same thing with an audio interface instead of using a mixer?

  7. FluffKitten FluffKitten

    The Yamaha AG03 is a good compromice for you're mixer. It is made for podcasting. The Mice can be changed to a Audio technica AT2020, cheap, good mice. The Auto tuner is only good for voice acting GLaDOs. Auto tuner is not needed for podcasting/broadcasting. Yes, I know sound.

  8. Jacqueline Waters-Manesis Jacqueline Waters-Manesis

    Is it sad that I recognize that black box on the floor as being a Bose subwoofer for a AV3-2-1 home theatre from back in the day?


    so the auto-tune is not required for the sound? I already have my mic and arm stand. but I just want to add a bit of oomph to my mic is the auto-tune required? or can I just get the mixer and get the same sound quality?

  10. Hector Serrato Hector Serrato

    Whats the name of the software you are using with the UR28M? Please respond.

  11. 187Moxige 187Moxige

    I know this is an old vid and you nnot might see this question but using same audio interface and sound goes to one side.

  12. Gary W Gary W

    Steinberg UR22mkII Would this be a good start if I can't afford the one you have?

  13. Jonathan Alfred Eric Grover Jonathan Alfred Eric Grover

    Thanks for this! Super helpful. Love your work, have been watching WCF for years now. Suggestion: if you ever need to upgrade again, look into a microphone called the ElectroVoice RE20. Audio Technica is great, but you see RE20 all over professional broadcast situations – would definitely be worth looking into if you're passionate about broadcast audio! 🙂 Other than that, thanks again for the tutorial and keep kicking ass!

  14. Horizon Horizon

    did he ever make the streaming set up video?

  15. Chase Eagleson Chase Eagleson

    Hey @MaximusBlack
    I've been on the hunt for a good audio interface and you've got me sold on the Steinburg man! What a fantastic piece of gear. I'm a musician and want to upgrade from a Scarlett 2i2. Plus built in effects would a blast to mess with for streams! Thanks for the killer video broski!

  16. Viision E3vo Viision E3vo

    Could you recommend a simple, cheaper, two audio input to two audio output mixer for me? I need my Ps4 and pc to go in and for it to go out to my headset and elgato. PLZ HELP. Been searching for something like this for ages. Thanks!


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