N. hidden in Thomas Kinkade's paintings

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Thomas Kinkade knows his cabin and seaside paintings very well. He launched a calendar and many other artworks, such as keychains or postcards. What most people don't know, however, is that he put the hidden "N" in his paintings. If you have seen Waldo where? Book or eye puzzles then you know how difficult it is to find hidden images in a book or painting. Thomas Kinkade's art is very similar, except that his hidden letters are harder to find.

The reason why Kincaid hides N in his paintings is because his wife’s name is Nancy. When you look at a painting by Thomas Kinkard, there is a number in the lower right corner of the screen that tells you how many Nancy's initials are in the painting. There will usually be more N, then you might expect.

If you want to find these hidden Ns, you need to first look at the large version of this painting. Try to look in the sky, rocks, cabins or trees. You may also find N in canoes, tree pumps or other random objects that may be in painting. He also likes to put his famous N' on the lighthouse, so be sure to look there. Many times you can find them where people don't usually see them so that random N doesn't distract the painting.

If you have a painting by Thomas Kinkade, or if you are considering buying it, consider the challenges of his paintings. Finding his hidden letters you may find that you are experiencing a whole new aspect of the Thomas Kinkade phenomenon.

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