Nação Zumbi Live in Dublin at Button Factory

Nação Zumbi Live in Dublin at Button Factory
Salve, Salve Ireland! We are delighted to announce Nação Zumbi Live in Dublin for a deadly night on the 27th July at the Button Factory in Temple Bar. One of the most important brazilian groups that come out of the manguebeat movement back in in the 90’s. Nação Zumbi evokes a combination of regional afro-diasporic styles such as Afro-Pernambucan Maracatu and Coco with hip-hop, punk rock and funk.DJ Rodrigo da Matta (tropicalidades and brasilidades) & Ájo Arkestra(afrobeat).Tickets on sale now with expected early sell out: nacaozumbidublin.eventbrite.comThat night will be the night! NAÇÃO ZUMBI Some 20 years ago, one of the most important groups in Brazil launched its first record: Da Lama ao Caos. The debut album by Chico Science & Nação Zumbi came out in April 1994. The album was a milestone brought about by a group of friends, that, by creating a new scene, kick-started a musical movement that ultimately destabilised the axis of musical production in Brazil. Like other Recife bands, their intent was express the sound of the local trait ‘crabs with brains’, or the ‘mud parabolics’, and everything else that people know, feel, or relate to with the Manguebeat sound. The difference is that this band, from the outskirts of Recife became known worldwide, far more than any other.Thousands of steps and different places later, what was their leitmotiv now is in their essence. Today, the band evoke the Manguebeat but also bring other sounds to life, a harvest tilled for so many years. No wonder the Nação Zumbi is, until this day, one of the most influential and respected Brazilian bands ever.AJO ARKESTRAÁjo Arkestra is an "afrofuturistic" multicultural band based in Dublin with musicians from the four corners of the world. The name "Ájo" comes from the Nigerian language Yoruba meaning 'Journey', in reference to the Spiritual journey of Self Discovery that occurs throughout life. ARKESTRA is an amalgamation of the 'Ark' and the 'Orchestra'. This term has been taken from one of their artistic influences - the Sun Ra Arkestra'. The group is a derivation of the formerly known "Dublin Afrobeat Ensemble", whose members have spent the last three years playing original songs at numerous concert venues and festivals in Ireland. The artists met in an organic connection of Afrobeat enthusiasts and started meeting up regularly at down-town jam sessions in Dublin. Their identity is a combination of their various musical interests that take their influences from Afrobeat, Funk, Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, Soul and Dub, playing a blend of free flow Afrobeat rythms and heavy dance-floor Afro funk.Music festivals in Ireland like Body and Soul, Electric Picnic, Life Festival, Mela Festival Belfast, Cork Jazz Festival and countless live venues such as the Button Factory and the Grand Social in Dublin, the Black Box in Belfast and The Pavillion in Cork have felt the impact of the band's energetic infectious grooves. Ájo Arkestra has grown visibility and popularity in Dublin and throughout Ireland, with an ever-growing fan base as testimony of their uniqueness and professionalism. The group did performeces beside bands such as Tonny Allen, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble, Hot 8 Brass Band, Ibibio Sound Machine, Eddie Piller (Acid Jazz Records), to name but a few. The band now are looking foward to spreading their powerful vibes this coming summer outside of Ireland, targeting countries at the heart of the Afrobeat scene in the world. Currently, the band are recording their first album of original songs at Westland Studios in Dublin - and are planning to release soon in 2017. Powerfull grooves garanteedFor Ájo Arkestra it´s such a honror be the warm up act in the concert of the great Nação Zumbi, they are considerated by them one of their big influences, references and inspiration.DJ RODRIGO DA MATTADJ Rodrigo da Matta is coming all way from Berlim to Nação Zumbi gig and will lead the night with his good carioca vibes! From instrumental musician in Rio de Janeiro, back in 1995, to DJ since 2010, he has the taste of contrasts in his blood. From electronic dancefloors to 100% organic and dropping tracks from Brazilian to Japanese references. Curates and runs theBOSSAFM.COM, a web radio and events producer based in Berlin and focused on bringing the unknown Brazilian music into scene. Red Light Radio (Amsterdam): by:Tropical LabBOSSA FM - www.bossafm.comBackstage ProductionsductionsSupport Embassy of Brazil in Dublin WigwamBotequimSushi SakaiiE-Dublin

at Button Factory
Curved Street, Temple Bar
Dublin, Ireland



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