Networking Skills Master Class by Will Kintish

Networking Skills Master Class by Will Kintish
Interesting Talks is proud to welcome back Will Kintish. Will the the authority on business networking skills in the UK. Is this scenario familiar when it comes to networking?  You feel pretty confident walking into a room and have little trouble chatting to existing and new contacts.  ‘’BUT how effective are you turning those ‘chats’ into real business opportunities?’’ The 3 key skills needed to get the results you want from your investment of time are; 1.  Asking relevant, intelligent, quality questions.  When you’re good at this you… Show you are genuinely  interested in the other person- the key to relationship building Discover  the information you need to qualify if this is a potential opportunity Get good answers to see how and if the relationship can be progressed “You can’t create need but you can identify opportunity” 2. Listening and responding in the appropriate manner Can really impress when that question has never been asked before Ensures you are really want to understand the other person’s thoughts and views 3.  Making that all-important phone call to arrange the meeting The vast majority of my audiences admit they struggle making that follow up call. “They won’t remember me” “I don’t want to be too pushy” “Not sure what to say” There is a long list of excuses but the simple reason the call isn’t made is fear of rejection But if you did spot something in your conversation where you believed it was worth following up and you don’t, then dare we suggest attending any networking event could all have been a waste of time? Topics covered include •  Understanding the power of small talk  • Asking intelligent and powerful questions  • Discovering potential opportunities  • Establishing present relationships with existing advisors/ suppliers  • The power and etiquette of other peoples’ business cards  • Body language and planned responses when listening  • Setting up the next stage at the business event  • Analysing and overcoming your fears of the follow up call  • Preparing and planning for the call What to say to the gatekeeper, the voicemail , the prospect  • Dealing with the various responses when they don’t say “yes”  • Understanding the massive difference between following up professionally and pestering  • Getting to the meeting of new and existing clients As a result of the presentation Delegates will; •  Waste less time attending events with no result  • Realise networking is just the platform for starting a true business relationship afterwards  • Feel comfortable making that all-important follow up call Understand how they can influence and impact on a prospect’s or existing client’s business or personal challenge Will Kintish Will Kintish qualified as a chartered accountant in 1971, and practised for the next 30 years.  He ended his accountancy career as the senior partner, on merger with a national firm and shortly afterwards left to start a new career. He shows a wide variety of people how to become more proactive business developers and how to get their next job role they deserve. Since 2000 he have presented to nearly 75,000 people over 1800 times. Here is some feedback from Interesting Talks Members, the last time WIll spoke at our group Thomas "Great Fun! Learned a lots of good tips! Sarah Keane "I really enjoyed this talk, it was informative and great fun – I learnt lots and laughed loads! Thanks guys." Emanuele "Kintished! Great interesting talk about a controversial topic, with useful tips and insights!" Susan Leydon "Really good talk. Will was very engaging and knowledgeable!" Paula Grant "Really enjoyed tonight, practical and insightful." katy "Really enjoyable, Will was very personable and I learned a lot" Aysun "Great speaker, very entertaining and with loads of useful advice." Nicky "Excellent talk given by Will Kintish. Delightful gentleman. Invaluable information shared for anyone wishing to improve their networking skills. Thank you!" Mercy Oruwari "I've been to other talks about networking but far this was the best. It makes it into a fun and brilliant social activity which is exactly how it should be. Thanks Will and Matt" Bobby "I've been well and truly Kintished! Thanks to both Will and Matt for holding this great talk"

at Century Club
61-63 Shaftesbury Avenue
Soho, United Kingdom

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