New Ironport Box

New Ironport Box
Spam Blocker
Check out the new anti-spam system we are specing for all clients.…

Architel is in the process of certifying a spam solution for clients called Ironport. Currently Architel provides a simple to use centralized system to filter spam for clients. We will continue to provide our filtering service; however, for clients with high volume spam we are recommending moving to a decentralized system called Ironport.
The system is simple. Upon purchase of an Ironport Spam and Virus Blocker (,698 for 50 users or less), Architel will install the system connecting it to Architel’s IronPort Centralized Management console. Architel will continue to manage your spam filtration, but now the work of filtering your spam will be done by a dedicated server.

To schedule an install please contact Sarah Turner at 214.550.2011 or via email at We are excited about this new program and we are confident that it will reduce the number of spam messages in your mailbox!

The IronPort Spam and Virus Blocker Appliance protects the most demanding networks used by large corporations, ISPs, and government agencies in the world. The Spam and Virus Blocker Appliance scans email traffic coming into your organization and prevents spam and viruses from ever reaching your inbox. It includes real-time updates that are sent directly and automatically to your appliance from trained security specialists at the IronPort Threat Operations Center. The 24/7 proactive threat tracking is combined with enhanced anti-spam and anti-virus computer algorithms for maximum security protection.

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Are you hating spam as much as we are? We are liking the Ironport box, I have a call into the CEO to chat. Perhaps he will agree to a profile. Anyone else have good (or bad) things to say about the IronPort box or team? Scott Weiss is the CEO (from Microsoft/Hotmail), Scott Banister is the VP of Strategy (Microsoft/Listbot), Crag Collins is the CFO (from Brio), Keith Valory is the General Counsel (nice guy I am working with him on an issue we are having with a local channel manager) and Jeff Williams is VP of Sales (formerly of IntruVert and GlobalCenter).

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