New roof – can the metal roof be mounted on shingles?

Are you in the new roof market? If so, you will find many options for the roofing industry. These options range from a variety of asphalt tile types to a variety of variations in sheet metal.

One of the many questions submitted to a professional contractor is: "Can a metal roof be installed on a shingle?". The simple answer is yes. The bifurcation nature of installing metal on existing shingle roofs requires many steps. We will examine these steps in more detail to help determine whether retrofitting metal roofs and existing asphalt tile roofs is an innovative idea.

There are a few things you must consider before deciding to install a sheet metal roof on an existing asphalt tile roof. The first thing that must be determined is whether the roof plywood or wood panel is strong and strong under the existing roof. Basically, water entering the old roof should not damage the roof slab at any pinhole or any other penetration in the roof area. This requires some investigation before installing a new metal roof.

It is highly recommended to inspect all roof platforms and frames from the attic side of the roof. People must look for dark spots, moldy spots, water on plywood or roof decks, or any cracked or cracked scorpions. This should be very careful, because an error can damage your ceiling or cause significant damage to yourself. After confirming that there is no problem with these things, the next step is to start preparing the roof.

The new 1×4 strips must be installed vertically and horizontally, every 24 inches across the roof plane from horizontal to top. It is highly recommended to use wood screws to connect the new 1 x 4 wood strips. After completing the whole method of the entire roof and it is time to install the roof slab. Please note that all roof penetrations must use flash boots that are suitable for the metal panel selected for the roof application.

In this step, the choice of metal panels is critical to the extension of roof life. There are metal panels that can be screwed onto the metal surface, just a fancy barn. The problem with fancy toilet tin plates is that the rubber gaskets over time can dry out and rot and fail, resulting in roof leaks, which can underscore all the reasons for choosing a metal roof.

A straightforward way to avoid surface-threaded roofing materials is to use hidden fastening metal panels. These types of panels are referred to as upright metal seams. When choosing a metal roof, it is highly recommended to consider longevity. A succinct expression of a hidden fastener panel will last the entire life of the metal, except for the roof penetration that failed over time, with the least potential for leakage. This is normal for all roof types.

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