News Flash, LinkedIn is not a dating site

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Lord, where do I start this!

My ladies. I am very disappointed and totally disgusted. why? Because LinkedIn has become an online version of the streets of New York City.

When I joined LinkedIn, I did this because I wanted to connect with other professionals and further expand my career. But instead, LinkedIn has become a place where people yell at my appearance rather than my portfolio.

I will explain in detail.

This is the LinkedIn message that my friend received last week. My friend is an attractive blonde, a UCSB graduate, and a technology recruiter in San Francisco. She has never seen or heard of this person before – this news is completely a problem.

Theme: Cute smile

You have a lovely smile here [in a beautiful profile] and you look great to attract everyone who watches your profile. When I met your situation, I was actually browsing my list of connections, pulsed and irresistibly seeing this unique beauty.

I sincerely apologize for writing such personal information for you, because I know that this professional website bans it, but as I said, I can't help but say hello.

Would you mind keeping in touch? I really want to know more about you.

I hope to hear from you soon.

The most passionate idea.

If this is said in the workplace, it will be classified as sexual harassment.

While many of us may laugh at it, why are professional web sites not as professional as the workplace?

Women have been working hard and have been treated equally in their work so far.

Now, this is not to say that women will not be hit on LinkedIn. Not all men are creepy LinkedIn nerds. This is just my personal experience. However, after talking to some of my friends, I know that this often happens to many women.

Guys [and girls], if you find yourself wanting to hit someone, it doesn't matter. We all need love.

Just follow the instructions below the next time you want to crawl the web:

Turn off LinkedIn

Download Tinder

Download OKCupid

Download Coffee Meets Bagels

Trolls can handle the same as your heart

See how many alternatives are there? They are the websites that are actually used for dating. Different from LinkedIn. Hell, OKCupid even has a filter so you can find people within a specific income range. Please note that it is much easier to keep online dating messages on online dating sites.

Of course, unless LinkedIn has a "hot girl" and "at least one-eighth" filter. Maybe this is an advanced feature?

Of course, if you want a more reliable advice, then go ahead! Call a girl in person. As long as it is friendly and interesting, we like that shit!

The last little thing

Therefore, in order to prove my point of view, I made a small experiment of my own.

I only received one of my own modeling images every day for the past 5 days, and I received more than 1600 new connection requests. All men! My profile has increased from 200 per day to over 1,000 per day. Of course, this is the most disrespectful information I have ever seen in my life! This is regrettable. But, hey, at least the hair is suddenly the same!

Please feel free to comment, no matter how good or bad.

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