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    • avatar philozove 1

      didn't hear anything showing that it's my friends making me fat and not I pick fat friends because I'm fat.

      • avatar Luther Dash 2

        I have 0 friend.

        • avatar Juho Sallinen 1

          This is an extremely fascinating introduction to the subject!

          • avatar Leighton Julye 1

            As you go through life never loose the good fiends you meet After the death of a friend, healing in a human social network

            • avatar Colonel Graff 1

              So are you from the Floating University (FU)? If so, you have any branches in Central Kansas (CK)?

              • avatar Néo Bourgeois Montecito 1

                These are all capitalist models, modalities found in the context of capitalism. Sociology doesn't reveal any rational or actionable items to improve, its like a subset of journalism a form of storytelling with cool graphics generated by a computer. That's why Malcolm Gladwell is a total charlatan, the things he points out as awful are actually just plots twists with data sets as a kind of character to tell stories to make enough fiat to afford to live in the West Village. Using the logic of Sociology he only writes books because society forced his 'personal agency' to buy a Pied à terre in NYC and he has to write lots of crap to generate enough book sales to live. Sociology as its presented is the study of systems of submission and domination, and the way sapiens oscillate between the two extremes. Not a fan of sociology.

                • avatar Néo Bourgeois Montecito 1

                  San Francisco is a killer, if you don't die from the AIDS you die from depression.

                  • avatar L Benson 1

                    Ironic that the students who bullied you demonstrated the Supra individual phenomenon where they fed off each other to vilify you. That said, you probably should have structured a different forum so that people could have expressed themselves constructively

                    • avatar Christopher Canon 1

                      Whoa! Mind blown!

                      • avatar Wayne Stakem 1

                        Hello "Big Think" channel,

                        What do you guys think of how the individual self-interested actions of pedophiles and child predators on YouTube, consuming content which they find they find sexually stimulating, have managed to achieve self-organization through simple actions and socially facilitated behaviors (e.g. the task of consumption, local enhancement/social networking, recruitment) and function as a Complex Adaptive System? Pedophiles are the largest (and pretty much only relevant) market for content produced by unsophisticated self-reliant minors. The environment which pedophiles share with minors is manipulated. YouTube's suggestions algorithms suggest channels of interest to pedophiles in association with other channels of interest to pedophiles, socially networking minors, pedophiles, and child predators to one another. The videos suggested in association with videos of interest to pedophiles also gravitates towards other videos of interest to pedophiles. The environment of minors is manipulated. Tailored to suit the pedophile market. All popularity within those clusters are dictated by what is desirable to pedophiles, giving them great influence over minors on the service. What does Big Think think about all this?