No Logo?: Launching a Business Without a Logo Can Sabotage You

Launching a new business can be quite expensive. This is perhaps one of the reasons why many business owners, especially those putting up a small-sized business, tend to delay investing in professionally-made marketing materials and logo design. Most owners prefer to wait until they get a larger clientele base or have been in business for a few months or so before starting to take care of the company logo and other marketing materials. While this is understandable, this is also not advisable as neglecting to have a professionally-made logo, website, brochure, and other marketing materials upon launching your business can make it difficult to get new clients.

There are several reasons why using an amateurish logo design and marketing materials can lead to the downfall of your business. For one thing, the company will not look well-established. If consumers get the impression that your business is unstable, the less likely they will want to do business with you. An amateur logo and shoddy marketing materials will also give the impression that you do not care about your business if you present your company in such a careless way. It can also make your business seem like a very small one as large companies usually invest a lot to create a good logo design and marketing materials. An unprofessional-looking logo as well as websites, calling cards, brochures, and other marketing materials sloppily produced will only cause trouble for your business.

Having your company logo and marketing materials done by a professional is one way to boost the success of your business. While this entails an investment on your part, this can also bring business to your company by promoting visibility to consumers. A professionally-made logo also helps consumers remember your company by making a connection between your logo design and your product or service. While it may seem more practical to put off creating a logo and developing your marketing materials during the initiation phase of your business, doing so will certainly be more futile in the long run as it will discourage business growth and your company may fail to get off the ground.

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