Non-profit organization board elevator presentation – 4 simple steps to promote organization

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One indicator of a well-run non-profit organization is the board of directors, whether employees and volunteers promote the organization through the community continuously and personally. To some extent, this is done through dozens of informal conversations [elevator statements] that are provided by people involved in the organization to help build awareness of organizational values.

The following outline lists and describes each of the four steps and provides some optional statements that can be used to build elevator speech. Of course, you can customize these statements or add other, more comfortable statements. During the training, each board member, employee and volunteer should be encouraged to develop his/her own elevator presentation and integrate it into daily conversations with family, friends and business series.

Step 1: Opener – Start the conversation / explain the need.

1. Did I mention that I participated in the board of directors of the xyz organization?
Are you familiar with the xyz organization?
Have you heard of xyz organization?
Are you aware of [local definitions] in our town/county/state?

Step 2: Mission – Explain the role of the organization / how to meet the "demand."

1. The mission of the xyz organization is…
we focus on….
Our main work includes…
You may have read about our project/fundraising/volunteer-driven newspaper articles…
5. We provide services to x[#] customers and provide them with ______________

Step 3: Individual Engagement – Connect the spokesperson to the organization.

I have been involved in xyz since ______ [years]
I like to be a member of the xyz organization because…
I am proud of our work because…
I am particularly excited about our recent project/completion…
When I first participated in the xyz organization…

Step 4: Learn more – How do listeners know more about the organization?

1. We have a great website [———.org] where you can find out more about our projects and programs.
2. If you are interested in learning more about xyz, I would be happy to tell you more about our achievements/achievements.
3. Xyz has a monthly information meeting and I am very happy that you have become my guest and attended one of the meetings. Can I hand you a written brochure – or send it to you by mail?
We are always looking for volunteers/board members to help us…
6. Are you interested in learning more about the xyz organization?

All board members, employees and volunteers should be encouraged to build an elevator presentation that they can deliver in person through the community.

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