Non-profit organization executive director – no job description you have risk

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Many non-profit organizations have executives let them decide their priorities and how they should spend time. This is a dangerous situation that can be easily corrected through the Executive Director's job description and the Education Department's annual goals.

If you are an executive director, start writing your own job description immediately. Review with your personnel committee or chairman of the board. Make sure the entire board sees and agrees with your job description. If you believe that the board of directors agrees on the scope of your responsibilities and what the board wants you to do, please stay tuned.

Once you have a job description, make sure you have 3-5 annual goals that describe your expected accomplishments for the year. These goals will be the changes you are looking to make, the new plans you will start, the improvements you will oversee, the people you will be hiring, or the funds you will raise. Each goal should be specific, measurable and time-bound. The more specific content you can put forward in your annual goals, the better. Once again, ensure that the chairman of the board, the personnel committee and the entire board agree with your goals.

The list describes the five basic areas of responsibility of any Executive Director. Use this list as a starting point, write your own job description and discuss it with our board today.

The Executive Director is responsible for these five key areas:

1. Project Management – Manage all projects and projects. Create a 3 – 5 year strategic perspective that allows all employees, volunteers and board members to understand the short-term future of the organization, its key factors in planning and success.

2. Fundraising – Develop and implement an annual fundraising plan that includes donor database management, donor communication, key gift collections, corporate sponsorships, grant applications and reports, and donor management [thanks to the program]. The goal of the fundraising plan is to raise 130% of the annual spending budget and can include the management of employee, volunteer and board member resources.

3. Personnel Management – Manage four full-time office staff and six part-time field staff. This includes providing job descriptions to them, identifying their annual goals, supporting their efforts and program implementation, developing their talents, imparting knowledge to these employees, conducting annual assessments, and helping them develop personal development plans to ensure they achieve them. Your own personal leadership goals.

4. Budgeting – Work closely with the Finance Committee of the Board to develop an annual plan and organize the budget. [The annual budget will be approved by the Board of Directors in the fourth quarter of each year of the following year.] Manage all cash flows, accounting and record keeping while ensuring that sound financial processes and procedures are established and maintained. Engage an external accountant to conduct an annual audit of the organization's financial operations.

5. Communication – with key stakeholders:

One. Local partners – plan, implement and evaluate local plans.

  Gulf Sources – Maintain relationships with existing and potential sources of funding, as required by the project and program.

  C. Donors – all existing and potential donors, grantors and sponsors.

  d. Board of Directors – Report monthly to the board to ensure an active board/employee relationship.

  Work directly with the chairman of the board to ensure mission is completed and projects and programs are managed in a legal and ethical manner.

Note: The Executive Director reports to the President of the Board and is responsible for managing all staff and volunteers for all programs and projects that support the mission. The annual goal will be set for this position and the chairman of the board will conduct a face-to-face review in the last month of each year.

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