Non-profit organization vision statement – core values ​​and mission statement

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In the non-profit sector, the organization's core values, mission statement and vision statement are often referenced. I found some confusion about the differences between tasks and vision statements, and some organizations never found their core values. This article will help you understand the three projects and their importance to the overall operations, funding and future of your organization.

The first project to consider is the organization's vision statement. Non-profit organizations are organized for specific purposes. A vision statement is a snapshot or summary of the organization's ultimate goal or what the final product should be. To illustrate this, one example I will use is an organization whose primary purpose is to help people with disabilities get employment. A possible vision statement may be “helping all disabled people who are interested and able to work to ensure employment.” Although visual statements can be two to three sentences, most have only one sentence.

Once the vision statement is completed, the organization should turn its attention to developing core values. Core values ​​express what the organization believes, supports, and enthusiasm; they are critical in defending the mission statement. For example, if the organization's purpose is to help people with disabilities get employment, then core values ​​may include statements about people with disabilities who are entitled to employment and should be part of the job; whether they are disabled or not, they have the ability to work; they can perform positions Basic functions, whether or not there is accommodation; they should be taxpayers rather than taxpayers.

The organization's vision statement and core values ​​help to develop and complete a mission statement. If the vision statement involves the ultimate goal of the organization [the organization's vision for the future], then the mission statement will reflect how the organization will achieve that goal. It is more action-oriented. Taking the employment of disabled people as an example, a possible mission statement may be “through career exploration and education, job search skills training and other applicable employment-related services, we help people with disabilities looking for jobs to find their work interests, education and skills. "As you can see, this mission statement clearly identifies how the organization will help people with disabilities achieve their employment goals. Most mission statements are one or two sentences.

Taking the time to clearly define the vision of the organization and prioritizing what it trusts and supports will help to develop a mission statement that stakeholders are passionate about and can communicate easily. In addition, a well-written mission statement can quickly and clearly summarize the purpose of the organization and help to write grants and receive funding. While mission statements can be eternal, the board should at least review the organization's mission to review its relevance and remind itself why they are involved first.

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