Non-profit organizations, citizens and church leaders can help us heal

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"If we can change ourselves, then the world's inclinations will change. When a person changes his own nature, the attitude of the world will change him… we don't have to wait for others to do anything." – Mahatma Gandhi

Not long ago, I posted the following message on Facebook:

Seek respect, not attention; it lasts longer.

There are real human sufferings in our country and around the world, but we all must stand up and help, because this is reality, and all of us are in this thing called life – together. No one is better than others. And, as the saying goes, "Only for the grace of God."

Is it just me, or are you tired of ruthless neurosis, disrespect, screaming and shouting, separating us at almost any level? If there is an idea or statement, it seems that someone will accept the problem there, and as long as you can grasp the problem, there will be arguments, especially on social media. Often, these “debates” turn into online insults, trolling and total disrespect. I saw that non-profit organizations and church social media groups have closed several conversations, which is ridiculous when you think about it, because if people can't engage in substantive and productive debates and discussions in these areas, where can they be? Discuss important social issues?

This is my message: we are better than this.

I believe that non-profit organizations, citizens and religious leaders can play a role in promoting civil discourse.

Social networking has always been great because it broke the boundaries in a practical way. It's easy to connect with people around the world. For many organizations and groups, social media has greatly reduced marketing and advertising costs, increased awareness and resource utilization.

However, I believe that as we become more "connected", it is an incredible split. The split must stop.

Church, citizens and non-profit leaders can help our community heal.

Do you still remember the golden rule?

The golden rule is simple. I think leaders should remember it every morning because they go to work and ask their team to follow their principles.

The Golden Rule has a religious origin. It comes from what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount. These principles become religious teachings in the Bible.

Matthew 7:12: "So in all things, do what you want to do to others, because it sums up the law and the prophets."

These words are simple – treat others like you want to treat.

I think our society is in an unstable place. We are not listening to each other. We yelled and screamed at each other. We ignore each other.

Moreover, this is a more important thing for me – many of us are looking forward to the attention, the world will hear our voices, and we do not give others the same respect.

This must stop.

I think non-profit organizations, citizens and church leaders are in a unique position. Usually, they are leaders because of their position in the community.

If you are like me, and you are tired of the ruthless division that is taking place, then today you must commit to the changes you want to see. It doesn't need much.

  • Highlight the golden rule in your office, the first thing people see when they enter your office.
  • Create a grateful environment. That's the reality. If your team members and everyone you've been in contact with all day feel, as a community leader, you thank them and you'll give them an incredible message. Gratefulness is an element of respect.
  • Make sure you respect and treat everyone in your team and community, and expect everyone on the team to do the same. Regardless of the situation or difficult discussions, make them non-negotiable in your organization.
  • If you are a community leader [or any type of leader], please listen. I think the biggest problem in the world today is that everyone expects to be heard, but only a few people are listening. listen. Learn. To understanding.
  • say something. As a community leader, many churches, non-profit organizations, and citizen leaders have a special place in their communities. If you are one of these leaders, please continue to talk. Shape the respect, generosity, civilization and listening skills you want to see in others. Lead by example.

Each of us, especially community leaders, can ensure that in our world we begin to create an environment of peace, respect and positive folk rhetoric and discussion. Each of us must do our part to create a better world. I believe that non-profit organizations, citizens and church leaders can play a unique role in dialogue and public discourse.

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