1. 叶鹏 叶鹏

    i am phper in china, my english weak, but i understand your lession, so interesting~~ i like it.

  2. scorlin gonzalez scorlin gonzalez

    is this consider javascript when creating classes inside php scripts or is this an actual php function ???

  3. Recommendations Recommendations

    $this and self:: are the same?

  4. Recommendations Recommendations

    Can you upload a vid of Laravel 5.4 with PHP?
    or vids about cmd or something like that?

  5. กวิน วรรธนัจฉริยา กวิน วรรธนัจฉริยา

    Thank you soooooo much.

  6. Tom Skinner Tom Skinner

    For me this was a very good synopsis of PHP OOP. Thanks.

  7. Harman Tiwana Harman Tiwana

    Sigh, this is useless. You can do this in HTML lol..

  8. Omair Ahmed Omair Ahmed

    Very hard to follow… explanation isnt also well defined.

  9. Shaik Shafi Shaik Shafi

    Thank you soo much…i have just finised half of the vid..could you please explain how protected $name has been passed to function __get($name)?

  10. Wayne Kusy Wayne Kusy

    I have been programming in php in a functional style, not OOP. This tutorial really filled in a lot of gaps that I did not understand before. Thank you!!!

  11. Mark ONeill Mark ONeill

    Love it. Compact, concise and complete. Very refreshing and easy to follow.

  12. Ch0bana Ch0bana

    I love all your video <3 thanks bro

  13. TNTSquid TNTSquid

    hmm…. I can't accept calling a static variable with object

  14. Alexandru Popovici Alexandru Popovici

    I would like to see videos that break down the concept of object programming, so that I could take in one concept at a time in small steps. The first part of this video is easy to understand. When it gets complicated, I can't grasp any of the concepts. It would help to go in depth on every concept, one at a time. Thank you.

  15. Alexandru Popovici Alexandru Popovici

    Your last PHP Programming video was very clear, despite the
    fact that it was very fast paced. But this video was way too complicated for
    me. I am a total beginner in PHP and I wanted to understand object programming,
    but I got lost at the subclass part. It is just too hard to comprehend.


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