Oh no! The FDA recall is full of news! How do I survive?

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Your best-selling product is recalled by FDA, which is spread across social media and television. what should you do? How do you deal with the customer's problem? Is it time to give up and sell out? Will your guests care?

In fact, on average, there is a food-related FDA recall every three days. Don't know? Most food-related recalls are so small that journalists don't care because it's not "big enough" news. Since 2010, there have been 675 individual recalls ranging from a few hundred pounds of food to millions of pounds. The problem is not really if the recall occurs, but the recall occurs if it involves your particular branded product or your product line.

The Sabretts memories of the summer of 2017 affected all hot dog suppliers, not even the hot dog suppliers that specialize in Sabretts. What should street vendors do?

1. Before the start of the recall today, local social media influencers and suppliers develop relationships with local news through radio and television. These people are already in your pocket when the recall does happen.

2. Check your inventory and, if necessary, ensure that a safe product is available. If you have contaminated products, please contact your supplier for pick up and credit instructions.

3. If you sell the recalled brand, you will encounter problems and complaints. Contact your insurance company and request a procedure for handling the recalled product related complaints. Follow the instructions in the letter.

4. The sales rate is expected to be lower than normal. If you have promoted the brand in the past, sales are expected to be very slow. Refuting sales declines through social media posts, explaining recalls and actions to ensure safe food for your guests.

5. Publish social media more frequently, show customers the enjoyment of food, and offer discounts for stocks and likes. Be prepared to answer any questions about the recall in a professional way in the comments section.

6. Enjoy a delicious lunch at a local radio or TV station. If the recall is “big” news, you can ask for an interview that shows the human interests of the company’s recall and its impact on local small businesses.

7. Create highly visible signs to attract attention to your safety products. Have fun by recall and show that you are in the best shape of the problem.

8. Activities around your cart, trailer or truck. Get attention and provide samples of "safe" products.

9. If possible, let the recalled [but safe] product stay in the shadow for a while. If your menu is large enough, a different product is available. Consider a different brand for a short period of time. If your shopping cart or truck promotes brand identity, please pay attention to number 4.

10. Use your customer loyalty program to encourage more visits, provide additional cards, bonus points for electronic loyalty programs, or other rewards. You can get a big discount at the time of purchase or offer free drinks, chips or desert. Sacrificing short-term profits [pronounced as “reducing profit margins” rather than “losing losses”] to maintain cash flow. Just manage the numbers and you can get through the storm.

The worst thing is definitely nothing. Sitting complaining about being beaten and how slow today or yesterday is tomorrow without improvement. Talk to everyone about food safety and how your shopping cart or trailer operations are implemented. If you know about the recall, then you know. Showcase a case or package with a good production date. Print out an FSIS email with a list of contaminated production dates for the listed product safety dates. Be prepared and you will survive!

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