Oiling The Cogs: Gaming Peripherals Play The Unsung Heroes

Mind-blowing graphics and complex storylines can have gamers captivated for hours at their consoles. Keeping these bad boys running at full hilt is vital, and there are peripherals that do the trick. Whether it's cooling down the system or charging up the controllers, video game peripherals play an important role for the diehard gamer. video game accessories like batteries, headsets, chargers are a big business now-a-days.

Gaming peripherals are not eye candy - a gaming storage rack holds over twenty game discs, keeping them handy, arranged and safe. Disc skins are the surest way of protecting DVD, HD Blu-Ray, video game and music discs from scratches and moisture. If disc safety is a concern, then protection for the gaming console is essential. The air cooling system will keep a console purring after hours of gaming, while a cool bling kit can add that style quotient to any console, making it as pimped out as the gamer.

A constant fear for any handheld gamer is running out of battery juice. There are loads of options like the Xbox 360 batteries, the Nintendo DS batteries and GameBoy Advance chargers. The coolest would have to be the Charger Grip for the PSP which adds 10 hours of extra playing time and feels like a natural extension to the console. On the road, a car adapter for charging is a great option when taking long trips. Wireless controllers for the heavyweights, the Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 and the Wii, eventually need a recharge and a charging dock or station coupled with a power kit is the only way to go.

Keeping a mean gaming machine clean and dust-free is no joking matter. A designer cover can add a personalized touch to a video game console, with the added benefit of safety if ever it's to be lugged around. If the vanilla color scheme seems uninteresting, video game coversPS3 skins, Xbox 360 covers and Wii skins add a dash of style, color and fun. Console organizers and carry cases are essential if the gaming console is to be transported safely.

Gaming can be intense and difficult at times, with baffling levels of strategy and multitudes of monsters ready to do battle. A cheat system allows the gamer to be in control at the toughest of times. Dev kits, as these systems like the Xbox 360 cheat system, are sometimes called, will allow the gamer to control all aspects of the game.

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