Oklahoma City Arts Festival

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The Oklahoma City Arts Festival is a great opportunity for people of all ages to appeal to their senses during an exciting holiday experience. The occasion offers a unique experience that blends visual, performance and culinary arts, as well as cultures from all over the country. The many live performances held in this place add to the festive atmosphere of this event. Visual artists from different destinies come together to showcase their unique performances and energize the event.

OKC Festival – exciting entertainment time

The OKC Festival offers an excellent entertainment option for adults and children. From facial painting and pottery making to poster art, children can enjoy it. Adults can enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in an exciting shopping mall. “Young-At-Art Mart” is a popular art shopping venue designed for children.

Delicious food taste can make your taste buds itchy

While offering opportunities to appreciate different forms of visual art, the Oklahoma City Arts Festival also gives visitors the opportunity to sample a variety of cuisines. Numerous suppliers & #39; booths and food carts are located in this and surrounding areas, offering visitors a traditional and international flavor. Coyote Chicken Sandwich, Strawberry Newport, Baja Tacos, Indian Tacos, Tequila Bread Pudding and Upper Crust Inverted Pizza are popular dishes.

Become part of a great event

The Oklahoma City Arts Festival has a long history of more than 43 years. The Arena Center, Festival Square and Myriad Botanical Garden are common platforms for events every year. This year is the 44th anniversary of this event. The event began on April 20 and lasted until April 25. This is a great celebration that lasts for 6 days.

If you are looking forward to participating in this wonderful festival in Oklahoma City, please arrange a comfortable stay in this comfortable hotel and enjoy your holiday.

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