Online Marketing Plan Highlights – 3 Ways to Increase Qualified Traffic for Your Website

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Part II: You have a website; How do you attract new customers?

In last week's article, we discussed how to set up the tools you need to evaluate your website traffic based on your online marketing efforts. It's time to propose an online marketing plan.

There are two main categories of online marketing: paid and organic

Paid website traffic

This term refers to all instances in which an advertisement is purchased to purchase an advertisement. And/or through payments to promote posts on social media.

There are many different ways to buy awareness from viewers, and it has become a huge industry. Thanks to paid components, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and all other products are worth it.

It's an important part of any marketing strategy, and if you don't want to research this fast-paced industry and basically become an expert in the field, you should try it yourself. Otherwise, you will spend a lot of time, money and energy, with no guaranteed results.

Instead, hire an online marketing professional to ask for help.

Organic website traffic

Organic traffic means that visitors find your site in a variety of ways that don't require you to pay for this traffic.

There are several ways to attract viewers through organic means. Before you start any of the strategies described below, it's important to first determine who your target market is, what your brand positioning should be, and how to understand your competitive advantage.

Once you have developed these key planning strategies, you should implement the following to help drive your site's qualified traffic. Here are three online strategies:

1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is strategically creating website content that will appeal to your ideal target market so they can stay informed, trust and trust you, and dramatically transform into a paid customer. Essentially, you want to establish yourself as an authority, entertain users and educate them.

In addition to creating compelling content, you want to make sure that the content sends Google the appropriate ranking signal to make it valuable and unique to visitors. Content marketing is everywhere. No one wants to read the same article for the hundredth time and say the same thing with different voices.

When the content is great, it will be linked by other websites. These links are a major part of Google’s ability to evaluate your site’s rankings, so great content not only drives traffic, but also sends a positive message to Google that your site is worth ranking higher based on your content targeting criteria.

Content marketing has always been a thriving part of search engine optimization, and now it's harder to be a voice in the industry than ever before, so let your content count. A good content is worth more than 1,000 bad content.

2. Local business information

Local business listings are easy to find and can be added by the local search engine optimization tools listed here, or your SEO marketer can help solve this problem. Some are paid, but most are free.

For any DIY approach to SEO, this is desirable because it is a simple process and many SEO agencies will charge a monthly fee and simply run the software.

3. Social media marketing

This is the seemingly easiest way to bring traffic to your website and is the worst way to do it. Many business owners are unaware that the use of social media for commercial marketing is to bring traffic back to their website. This disconnection usually wastes a lot of time and effort.

Social media management without an SEO strategy is just a public relations activity. All social platform links are called "nofollow' links, so they will never consider your rankings without a strategy to use them, even though the link is nofollow.

When you pay for a social media marketing expert, you gain the expertise to get the most out of your social media work. Simply posting a lot of things will not do this. Label spam is a positive sign that you are hiring someone who doesn't know how social media marketing or even topic tags work.

Your social media is how you connect with your audience, and Google observes when you send traffic through a disconnected service. By attracting the right people, your audience can grow faster, but your content must be unique and fun to make an impact.

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work required to do business? Find an online marketing agency and your expertise that can work with you to guide your input and knowledge of the industry when creating content from your company.

Both users and Google will respond better to certain substance content, rather than simply extracting content on the Internet.

Also remember the earlier views on the value of social media and make sure you use paid components or you miss out on many opportunities.

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