Online Marketing Rockstars Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote | Hamburg 2017

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    • avatar Marley Baird Media 2

      "Attention is the asset." A very simple asset yet the very hardest thing to do.

      • avatar Jordan Mulson 1

        Man, the whole thing is FIRE, but starting at 24 mins I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Perfect finish to a great wisdom-filled talk. :)

        • avatar Nina Basman 1

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          • avatar Raffle Dash 2

            He asks the right questions but doesn't give the answers, he's clueless.

            • avatar Dhiman Adhikary 2

              I managed to get the whole office to participate in the
              Mannequin Challenge! Even those that dont even have facebook took part!

              • avatar David Klee 1

                Das funktioniert richtig gut, Danke Gary . Durch die Unterstützung von Ralf Wenda ein Top Marketer aus Dortmund, konnte ich mein Einkommen verzehnfachen!Hier ein Link zu seiner Seite

                • avatar roger brydon 1

                  follow me @rogerbrydonjr on insta

                  • avatar Lee Brown 1

                    I know I take 80 -90% away from every GV keynote. Work on it all and see what works for me and my projects. I work hard and put things into practice, then I can decide what practices to keep working on depending upon their results. What percentage of the live audience do you think takes something from keynotes and puts them to work? just interested to see what people think!

                    • avatar INSPIRED247 1

                      one takeaway from this is long form posts inside FB and IG.

                      • avatar Street Poetics Entertainment 1

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                        • avatar Olami@ Travelushious 0

                          Practical = Practitioner is HUSTLER truisms of DO DOING DONE ! 👍🏼👊🏼💪🏼

                          • avatar Kev Rowe 2

                            poor Rick. Always getting shit on.

                            • avatar Michael Gibson 0

                              Just make sure you don't go to Auschwitz Gary… lol.

                              • avatar Jonathan Hernandez 1

                                +Gary Vaynerchuk Totally right about older people and regret. I did direct-to-home, door-to-door sales for 8 years and elderly people love to talk. They go into nostalgia and talk about regret. Sad.

                                • avatar #Taekwondo TV 2

                                  Gary Vaynerchuck is My RockStar😎💜🇺🇸✨🌟🍀🙏💪✌👍

                                  • avatar Johnzo 0

                                    F**k, my social media feeds already have way too many ads, now there's gunna be even more …

                                    • avatar Shawn DeWolfe 1

                                      I'm 49, am I too old to 'pop' (ie. to get somewhere)? I don't feel old, but I wonder if I'm where I should be as opposed to where I could still go.

                                      • avatar Alex Cio - Alapse 1

                                        14:50 "these are not just distribution channels, these are channels where you have the natural story tell"
                                        "You are disrespecting the psychology of the user"

                                        • avatar Eric Escalier 1

                                          I think this is the most concise and powerful keynote I have seen by him. Super informational, super motivational! Thank you sir!

                                          • avatar Brain Spanking News 0

                                            Over and over and over and over and …. :)