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Newspapers are heavily accustomed to the news broadcast on television. Suddenly, the emergence of the Internet has brought a brutal blow to the newspaper industry. Most newspapers are unable to withstand the impact of the Internet and are forced to close. Let us first look at the basic differences between news and electronic news.

Advantages of online news

The advantages of online news are mainly aimed at readers. Some of these advantages are as follows.

Electronic news is much faster than newspapers. What happens anywhere in the world will be posted on the Internet in a matter of seconds. In the case of newspapers, news in any particular newspaper has a specific time limit. Assuming the newspaper prints at midnight, anything that happens after midnight is likely to be released the next day. In these contexts, newspapers provide outdated news to readers who have already visited online news.

Any newspaper is published once a day, twice or up to three times. On the other hand, electronic news is usually updated multiple times within 24 hours.

If someone visits the internet, there is no need to wait for the delivery person to send the newspaper.

Electronic news is believed to save paper and help protect nature.

Disadvantages of online news

Online news has some drawbacks, but mainly newspaper publishers. In the case of online news, the ratio of subscriptions to advertisements is greatly reduced. This means that as the number of online news readers increases, newspaper publishers' revenues drop dramatically.

The way the newspaper survives

News can sustain the blow of electronic news in several ways. Some newspapers charge subscribers a subscription fee, and these readers prefer to read more than the free content. There is only one "more" link that can be activated and run after paying some subscription fees. If you do not pay for a subscription, you will not be able to activate the "More" link.

Most newspaper publishers have realized that if they want newspapers to survive, they must publish newspapers and online newspapers online.

Apple's iPad brings some hope to the newspaper. Some apps allow iPad users to access the internet and newspapers.

Today, newspapers must provide unique services to readers.

Another way newspaper publishers survive is through blogs. It is possible to levy a subscription to reduce the revenue generated, but at the same time, it can be seen that a unique blog can bring a lot of business to newspaper publishers.

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