Online Security and Fraud Prevention with International Trade

Online Security and Fraud Prevention with International Trade
Do you already have a digital business presence and need to ensure that your website is safe for cross-border ecommerce, your customers’ details are secure and that you’ll get paid? This is the workshop for you. With hacks, denial of service attacks, fraudulent purchases and ransomware becoming more common, companies need to act to secure their business online. Join this practical session for expert tips and guidance. This event will teach you: What the cyber risks are and the ways your business can mitigate these when dealing with other countries and jurisdictions What the additional dangers are when trading internationally How to ensure greater resilience and keep your business safe from online attacks How to keep your domestic and international customers’ data safe How to adhere to the 2018 General Data Protection regulations which will affect all businesses Learn from our experts Our experts in cyber security and resilience will talk you through a range of topics. You’ll hear a brief history of cyber crime and the cyber crime landscape today, including: Risks of trading internationally Social engineering Viruses Ransomware Trojans Dos and don’ts of website content, accepting payments and dealing with customers Phishing, smishing and vishing You will get topics on how to identify the threats and remain safe with information on: Access control Secure configuration Patch management Malware products Cyber resilience certification – cyber essentials and ISO27001 Legislation and data regulation Benefits for your business After attending this workshop, you’ll have a clear understanding of the risks in international trade and security and how you can help protect yourself from those threats. Our trainer can provide tailored advice to your e-commerce needs. After booking your place, you will receive a follow up phone call to discuss any questions you have prior to the workshop.

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