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    • avatar Alex Fulmer 2

      they're so goddamn good together! i love the very quick moment during the height of their argument when she glances off for a split second and then he turns to look where she just glanced. It's so subtle but so effective!! I love rooney

      • avatar Ashish Jaiswal 2

        which soundtrack is that at the back of conversation?? Anyone please

        • avatar Adam Jackson 1

          The perfect marriage of screenwriting and directing

          • avatar Blueboy 1

            What an asshole. What did she see in him??

            • avatar Sam DuBois 0

              probably the best scene, in a movie full of killer scenes. perfectly sets the table

              • avatar stevo728822 1

                So Mr Social Media is socially awkward.

                • avatar Didiggy 1

                  Motherfucking Jesse Eisenberg Jesus Christ fuck dude motherfuckin Facebook movie bullshit Jesus can you fucking believe this shit. God damn created Facebook then fucking lawyers and shit right fucking Winklevoss twins god damn rowing the boat fuck yo shit I can't even fucking believe this shit have you seen this shit fuck I just watched this shit fuck Jesse Eisenberg man. Motherfucking Spider-man Spider-man you put in the time fuck put in the time motherfucking built shit with this bare hands fucking best friend shit Jesse Eisenberg. I'm very tired. No man I'll just talk about the Facebook movie all day shit man you have to be so interested in the shit I have to say about the Facebook movie fuck dude I just watched it a year and a half ago fuck Jesse Eisenberg man he fucked over Spider-man crazy Winklevoss twins rowing Trent Resin Or did the soundtrack fuck this guy who invented Facebook I don't like dying I can't think of who the fuck invented Facebook All I can think is who played the guy who invented Facebook who the fuck invented Facebook?

                  MARK ZUCKERBERG.

                  • avatar Nynonimous Nynth 2

                    I have a friend who looks like him

                    • avatar 류지민 2

                      what is this song?

                      • avatar Paul Otto 1

                        Jesse eisenbergs character is such an insufferable asshole I want to punch him in the face

                        • avatar Blu 1

                          so, this is how he becomes lex luther

                          • avatar Thomas Thas 1

                            Possibly one of the best opening scenes in a movie ever?

                            • avatar Transfectingood J 1

                              So if I always respond to the question from two questions ago will I seem smart too?

                              • avatar goodguynow 2

                                He really put himself into this character

                                • avatar geddoe316 1

                                  zuckerberg and steve jobs. two examples of guys who changed communication forever, yet were both assholes. However, i dont think they would have succeeded without being one. Getting your ideas out there requires running over people. There;s no time to be nice.

                                  • avatar Peter L 2

                                    which song is playing in the entire scene?

                                    • avatar Michael Kim 1

                                      I love this movie and I have REALLY hard time going through this scene. This scene was directed so well, that I almost cringe every time Mark throws insults and pisses the girl off even without intending to do so. If I was sitting near them, I would probably drink up the remaining drink on my cup and go home. Because I don't wanna witness the results at the end of that conversation.

                                      • avatar Ram Duggirala 1

                                        in the entire conversation, the camera is over the actors' shoulders. Except for the last comment where Rooney Mara speaks directly into the camera.
                                        It will be because you're an asshole.

                                        • avatar Wolfy 1

                                          This converstation its really hard to follow …

                                          • avatar F. Joel Price 2

                                            What a world we live in…so sad.