Operating a seasonal painting business?

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I just started talking about someone's conversation this morning. He just started his painting business, but complained that it was a bit slow. Others commented that "they don't want to break the bubble, but the painting is seasonal."

Ok, I want to blast the guy's bubble and say, "No, painting is not seasonal. Yes, from spring to autumn, the painting is seasonal, and of course you don't live in a warm climate.

But other types of paintings, such as man-made paintings, murals, residential, commercial and industrial interior paintings are all year-round markets, and you can stay busy.

In fact, when I first started my painting business, it was in the early fall. I have found a home job throughout the winter – even the hardest part, the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I guess the first year I started is not bad.

In this way, if the business of painting is seasonal, then all painting companies [large, medium and small] can only be completed within six months. The paint shop may also be closed during the winter. Even washing windows is not seasonal, no matter how cold it is.

If you don't want to do interior decoration, just want to be an façade painter, it is seasonal. You just need to find a winter service like snow farming. But if you want to work all year round, there are a lot.

If you really want to run a successful paint business that is busy all year round, you will need to know how to successfully run its business and the end of the painting. It is in your interest to have this business partner.

Two important secrets to successful completion of the painting business are advertising and making accurate estimates. Get these two things done, and the rest will be fine.

Some companies are more focused on commercial and industrial coatings, and some companies are more focused on the residential and small business coating markets.

Once you decide whether you want or need reliable business partners, employees, and the painting market you want to capture, you can focus on marketing better.

I read about a large paint contractor in the Chicago area who decided to focus on the commercial and industrial coatings market. He soon discovered that both markets had significant funding.

Of course, for this type of painting, you will have to buy some serious painting equipment. You will need an experienced staff for commercial and industrial painting.

Is this type of painting seasonal? They may slow down in the winter, but then there will be many large indoor projects open all year round. If there are any seasonal issues related to the painting trade, it will only be because of external painting in a colder climate, rather than keeping busy or money.

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