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If you own land, there are many different ways to make money. If you have a small piece of land, you might be surprised if your goal is to generate revenue from existing assets.

Grazing animals

If your land includes fields and/or wooded areas, you may want to check the online and paper classifications for your area. You will most likely identify horse or cattle owners looking for space to graze animals. This is a wonderful way to make money. If your land includes a large area of ​​pasture, the animals will keep the grass so you can even save money!

Hunting right

If you have land suitable for hunting, you can rent the land to a hunter. This is one of the best ways to earn extra income. If you have a big deer in your area, then you are likely to receive a premium on land rights during the hunting season. Most importantly, you can charge the person or charge a flat fee. You can control this to make it one of the best ways to earn extra income while still making the most of your land during the offseason. If you have wild animals on your land, I suggest you explore this income-generating potential.


Have you noticed how many mini storage leases there are? If you have a building on site, this is also a potential way to earn extra income. Today, it seems that no one has enough space to store their stuff, making storage a realistic way to earn extra income. If a building does not exist, building a building may even be a wise investment. Those with old barns can store four-wheelers or boats during the off-season, which is to make money using your land [or trailers, campers, snowmobiles, classic cars – earn anything you can think of] One of the easiest ways.


If you have a level suitable for building tenders, open land, you should consider starting a logistics of a basic campsite. Depending on the current state of your property, you can start the camp with very little start-up funding. Usually you have to start with a bet to make a website, some bonfire rings and a potty. There are a lot of free and cheap advertising methods, like Craig's List and backpage.com, you can place at least one ad to see what kind of interest it generates. If you are interested in your area, you can get passive income in a very simple way without having to make a lot of upfront investment or expensive maintenance.


If your property includes wooded areas, it's wise to get some quotes from different logging companies to see how much you can get from the wood. In order to protect the value of the land and for environmental reasons, I do not recommend that you clean up the land. However, you can record some of the content and keep some wooded areas. You may wish to study sustainable logging companies by selectively harvesting only certain types of trees. This protects the value of the land while reducing the negative impact on the environment. Just do a Google search for your state's Sustainable Harvesting Company.

Flea market

If your land is in a busy area, I suggest you consider renting it as a flea market. Do you know how many small tables are on an acre of land? Even if you charge only $15/day for each supplier, and you have 20 suppliers in the first year, you have generated an additional $300/day and more than $2,000 per week. This is a very low cost way to take advantage of your land while helping local suppliers and consumers. As usual, do some logistics research before diving.


Depending on the type of agriculture in your area, there may be individuals or large companies that want to use the land for agricultural purposes in the short or long term. If you have arable land, it's worthwhile to advertise in local newspapers and places like Craig's List and backpage.com to see if you have any clicks.

Electricity lease

On the day of alternative energy, it is possible to make money to rent rural land to wind power companies or to replace other companies in the power industry. However, the details about this content are too complex to be covered in this article. I will explore these topics on my blog, you can access these topics through our website, or check out other articles I posted on Ezine.com.

Paintball shooting range

Providing space for the paintball "war" is still a big industry. If you have questions, just look at all the paintball ranges linked through this website: http://www.pbreview.com/fields/ As you can imagine, your original rural land “paintball” does not need to be that More "preparation. Basically, you just separate all or part of your land and rent it to the group. Here is an example of a private paintball stadium: http://www.actionpaintballsac.com/

in conclusion

Land is an asset, especially for those who are creative enough and strong enough to generate passive income by investing time and energy to generate passive income. Be sure to do the appropriate research before you start, for example to find out if you need a license or license, and point all "my" and cross all "t". good luck!

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