Outsourcing engineering services – risk or security?

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Outsourcing already exists, as long as people remember, but because of the revolution brought about by the Internet, it has attracted more attention. Engineering service outsourcing has not yet reached the scale reached by the IT services industry, but it is possible to achieve this goal.

The main drivers of outsourcing are the availability of low-cost resources in developing countries and the competitive pressures of developed country organizations. While the benefits of outsourcing are clearly multifaceted, it is not immune to risk. Therefore, an effective outsourcing strategy should incorporate risk management into the supply chain.

The ecosystem of service providers in developing countries can be properly described as “some of the islands of excellence in the mediocrity”! Therefore, the trick is to identify agents that represent these remarkable islands. The purpose of this article is to enable readers to discover lighthouses and icebergs on their way to these islands.


: In essence, the organization of the assignment is as good as the team that is engaged in the task. Therefore, an effective way to distinguish between winners and "runners" is to evaluate key team members. Educational qualifications, the diversity of work experience, the number of years the company, and the list of tasks performed by them are good indicators of the team's ability to assess.

Free gun team and organizationfrom

: If a good employee is the only checkpoint, it's easy to find a "freelancer" without any organizational support. Freelancers are occasionally prepared for small jobs, but they are unreliable for large tasks that require different skills. Especially in the service industry, depending on the type of allocation, the requirements can be general or proprietary and must therefore be performed by a team that includes multiple resources [with different capabilities and perspectives]. Therefore, you should look for organizations that have been in business for at least a few years. The size of the organization, the registration with local statutory bodies, the website and the list of customers are some aspects to be examined.

Quality of interactionfrom

: Before engaging any company in a developing country, it is recommended to interact with the company's client professionals. Although seemingly insignificant, the clarity of communication, the timeliness of response, the understanding of cultural differences, the professionalism of the method and the ability to provide legal documents for signing contracts are very important signals and a major indicator of the success of the association.


: The quality of infrastructure in developing countries varies from place to place. Uninterruptible power supplies, high-speed Internet access, the availability of qualified engineers, and the ability to quickly add or replenish qualified resource pools have a major impact on an organization's ability to meet customer requirements. From this perspective, the location of the institution in a major metropolis is clearly desirable.

Software licensefrom

: There are many free gunmen and small time organizations that defy the purchase of licensed software without penalty. Most engineering services require special software, and every customer in almost developed countries has a fully legal policy. Therefore, a commitment to legal and technical compliance must be obtained from the agency.


: Resource assessment, the existence of organizational entities and the quality of communication are process indicators, but not sufficient to predict outcomes. In this respect, there is no better history than in the past. The customer list only indicates the customer's name, but does not show the quality of the delivery and customer satisfaction. It's best to find contacts from the customer list and get first-hand feedback on the company's capabilities and delivery quality. When choosing an organization that outsources your engineering services, you should give a positive reference to satisfied customers.

Incremental methodfrom

: Even after rigorous evaluation, there are still some risks in outsourcing engineering services to developing countries. This stems from differences in professional ecosystems, implementation methods, time zone differences and business cycle changes. Therefore, it is wise to strengthen the connection from a small scale and through the experience gained through the full pre-reward participation cycle. , delivery, invoice and payment.

Effectively implemented, successful outsourced engineering services not only save costs, but also help organizations move up the value chain and achieve higher growth goals.

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