Outsourcing helps counterfeit American brands

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I am not a genius, but as an American female "shopper," I am of course qualified to become an expert. Our American girls are dismissive of this shopping product, especially when saving our favorite brands. For most of us, some brands are a must, and for me, blue jeans and leather are my favorite brands. Most of us are not? Some people will say that they only wear Wrangler jeans, and some people prefer Levis. This is an old controversy, a bit like Coca Cola and Pepsi.

It turns out that my favorite leather and jeans brands have always been Coach Leather Ware and Levis jeans. I have been buying these products all my life. When it comes to leather, there are many options. Some people only buy Wilson's leather, some will stick to Harley Davidson Leather, and the list continues. All of these brand names I mentioned originated in the United States and have been produced in the United States for decades.

As the years passed, I began to notice that my favorite brands have undergone serious changes, and I didn't spend too much time understanding them, because these products are now outsourced to other countries, mainly China. I started to notice that the material on our Levis was thinner and different. Coaching gloves tanned leather is also my favorite. I started to notice that the leather is thinner and not so good, instead of using real brass or nickel hardware, they started using cheap painted metal alloys and plastics. What happened to our favorite brand?

Not only are they no longer produced in the US, but they are also starting to make fake and shoddy products from these brands! So where it goes, just because it has the brand name Levis or Coach doesn't necessarily mean it's one of their products! Buying these brands has become a nightmare! Literally, this is a nightmare! I have to start researching every detail to make sure I get the real product! Sudden shopping has become very complicated.

All of this begins with our mistaken production of our famous products in other countries. They stole our precious secret recipes to succeed and found ways to make them cheaper and faster, and eventually entered the counterfeit market. Literally steal our brand! For shoppers like me, this is heartbreaking. How many Americans can you get in addition to LEVIS jeans? Our cowboys wear them for the sake of heaven! Are countries like China now repeating and destroying them? How sad is this? Why do we let this happen?

Ok, guys, it’s all back to our government. They over-regulated and taxed our US companies so badly that they had to start producing in other countries, and now we are all affected by the results. I shouldn't spend two hours researching a pair of jeans just to make sure they are the brand I want! I shouldn't be a handbag expert, just to make sure that the Coach package I ordered is genuine or not. I should be able to buy sales without having to worry about being ripped off! But unfortunately, this is the world we live in now, we can thank our government!

I believe most people know that almost everything is now outsourced to China. No matter what brand you like best, you are likely to notice the difference in quality, compared to the previous situation. Unless you are not around before it happens, you really can't miss it, you have never been. I am almost sorry for young people, because our products are still made in the US, even as simple as a pair of Levis jeans, but I have never experienced the same quality as me. I want to know how many of you know that Levis is actually fake now? Yes, they are pretending to be Levis jeans! Although it is hard to believe, it is true.

This actually makes me very angry! Where did the Chinese steal the names, logos and ideas of our company without their permission? Are we not giving them all the work? Do they really need to steal all our ideas and business names? I don't usually like politics, but in my opinion, we finally have the leaders of this country want to change this, and for some reason, I don't know, some people don't want our business back? Do they think this should continue? I should let them try to find a real Coach bag for a while! Still a pair of Levi's! Maybe they don't need to buy a sale, can they pay the full price directly from the designer? Fortunately! But what about the rest of us?

How do these politicians' behaviors affect our consumers? Wouldn't it be good if their actions could affect us in a positive way and not so negative? Let you want to know which side they are on, because it seems that they are not standing on our side. What is frustrating is that our own government is more concerned with making other countries feel happy than their own people. It all comes from American female shoppers! I think I seem to be the target, you know? I'm! I am the target of criminal counterfeiters and find myself avoiding them in almost every corner, especially on the Internet. This is not only sad, but also creepy! How can our country make this happen to our girls? I used to buy sales of my favorite brands very interestingly. Now it is just a nightmare! I really want our leaders to do something and get it back to normal again.


Isn't it good to see MADE returning to all of our labels again in the US? I haven't seen it for so long, I almost forgot what it looks like! This is completely out of control. If it is not too late, is it better to control it?

So you see? Starting from China, outsourcing to a country like China is a bad idea! Why don't we put our business and products here, and if they want, let other countries pay double the cost! Instead of charging them twice as low as our own brand quality? Except for everything, what's wrong with this photo? I hope my Levi's back! Do you know that I am really looking for second-hand ' Made in the USA'Levis? Yes, even if used, Levis made in the US is better and more comfortable, not to mention fit! Now 32 X 34, actually 28 X 30! It’s ridiculous! Do you know what is worse? Counterfeiters have now discovered that Levis has a market in the United States, and they even faked them! Put the American label on them! This is just a vicious endless battle! Why is it too complicated to buy a simple Levis jeans? I think I have already answered this question because we are stupid enough to give up the old secret family recipe! We handed them all over to other countries and now see what happened! Gallons can't even buy a pair of jeans!

I hope we can continue to make progress and bring our business and products back to the United States. Until then? What is it, poor! Talk about regret! We should take notes from our parent handbook instead of giving up our old secret family recipes! Why are our parents always right? That is how the matter?

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