Outsourcing the benefits of multimedia and animation to India

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India is the second largest entertainment industry with great potential after Hollywood. The vast resources of the best computing talent pool undoubtedly make India a pioneer in this field. Large production studios are equipped with world-class hardware and software such as SoftImage, SFX, SGI, 3DMAX, Frame Grabbers, Sound Blaster, MPEG cards and conferencing solutions for animation and multimedia operations. Post-production and sound editing suites with higher ISDN bandwidth availability make operation more viable anywhere in the world.

Huge entertainment companies like Sony and Walt Disney have partnered with Indian animation organizations to conduct TV animation deals. More than 200 companies rated as “Wealth Thousand” outsourced animation, software and multimedia tasks to India.

In today's ever-changing dynamic world of technology, multimedia applications with rich applications in terms of functionality and visual effects are constantly innovating. In addition to taking advantage of limited budgets and maximizing ROI, outsourcing to India is also for other reasons, such as:

  1. Cost advantage:

As the saying goes, "saving money is making money." In terms of outsourced multimedia design and animation work, India as an outsourcing destination can use the same type of parameters to obtain cost-effective services. It helps to save up to 60% of total cost when considering labor costs, including compensation and recruitment costs, infrastructure and maintenance costs, fixed investment and capital expenditures, training costs, and cost savings. Rather than investing in expensive software and the latest technology.

  1. Focus on core business:

When companies focus on core work and outsource their non-core functions, they see tremendous growth. It can improve profitability, quality service, productivity and performance.

  1. Dedicated service guarantee:

Multimedia design and animation services require experts and technical professionals. The ability to outsource is not your core competency, and your outsourcing partner is focused on its specific area. The industry is rapidly evolving in various fields, such as games based on augmented reality/virtual reality/artificial intelligence, simulation, networking and mobile applications, which makes it very critical for SMEs to have skilled and well-trained resources. India's outsourcing partners will be able to provide the most advanced services and provide a professional team.

  1. Fast turnaround time:

Another benefit of outsourcing multimedia design and animation tasks to India is that you get the promise of delivering faster service to your customers. Customers and customers become more satisfied with faster delivery and high quality service.

  1. Time zone advantage:

Outsourcing certain tasks to India has a time zone advantage, just like the night in an offshore area, which is a day in India. The outsourced supplier is free to complete the work and send it back the next day. So this means that your workflow will continue even if your employees are out of work. This means that your work is faster and your business has a competitive advantage.

India has a large number of graphic artists, illustrators and cartoonists with a wealth of expertise as a variety of multimedia design and website, animation projects and video animation, modeling and rendering, and outsourcing destinations for Flash and animated interactive media. With unparalleled quality, competitive pricing, unique approach, faster TAT and world-class service, you have global participants in animation and multimedia projects.

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