Outsourcing, the Philippines and the future

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The Philippines is one of the top countries for business process outsourcing companies or BPO companies. First world countries like the US, France and Australia are the biggest sponsors of BPO industry services. This makes our highest rating very important for the country. However, how does this industry make it so hit in developed countries? More importantly, what might the industry face?


Asean Briefing reports that the surge in local BPO industry development is due to the country's relatively low cost of living. Other factors cited include young, well-educated, English-speaking Filipinos who make up the workforce.

This ultimately led to a majority vote in international reports, and the Philippines is the next outsourcing option. The Philippines has even replaced Mumbai, one of the oldest and most advanced sources of BPO demand, and the second largest BPO service provider in 2015.

The industry currently accounts for 9% of the country's GDP growth. It currently employs more than 1 million Filipinos. However, this figure is expected to increase and is expected to increase by 1.3 million to 1.5 million in the next three years.


Our continued sponsorship of BPO industry services in developed countries can only be attributed to numerous benefits.


BPO service companies are usually technically updated. Experts are prepared to lend their expertise to the company. Their service costs are lower. This is in contrast to recruiting and paying the salary of internal employees.

In addition to these lower rates, the buyer company does not have to worry about providing extra space.

Better focus on business

Vendee can now focus on more “core” business issues. They no longer need to worry about who will do anything. For example, there is no need to worry about how they will improve customer service. Instead, business owners can focus on developing strategies for the next activity or how to improve their products/services.


The cost-effective services of these BPO service companies are more than just completing work. Some of their services include constantly adapting to evolving technology and consumer needs. With their always-changing knowledge, skills and tools, buyers can rest assured that the services they receive are up-to-date.

Things to consider now

It has been clarified; the BPO industry is the gospel of business. Still, consider some less favorable ideas.

Changing social and political patterns

The United States is one of the largest sponsors of the BPO industry. The country has changed the government, and the current president of Donald Trump’s “Buy Americans, Hire Americans” platform could jeopardize the current boom in the outsourcing industry.

Trump hopes that the offshore services previously provided will be handed over to American workers. Foreigners who want to provide offshore services must now obtain a special visa.

As for the local BPO scene, President Rodrigo Duterte is very outspoken about reducing the US presence in the country. Given that the United States is the largest source of revenue for our BPOs, as of February 2017, 64.7%, having to cut or at least reduce their relationship will undoubtedly affect the Philippines' status as a premier investment destination.

For BPO customers, this country must have strong strength. As things in the changing world continue to change, business process outsourcing companies can only be optimistic about the future development of the industry. At present, the best step BPO can do is to continue to provide services that make the Philippines a success.

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