Overcome the closed communication atmosphere in the organization

The study consistently shows that this close communication atmosphere in the organization has the following six different characteristics:

1. Employees have no value


The employees here are not information banks. They are not heard and feel that they have made significant contributions in the workplace. The way you hear them will greatly influence whether they feel valued. Nothing is more frustrating than asking employees to make suggestions, and then ignoring them without a clear explanation of why. When you ignore their thoughts, you will send out information that their opinions are not important. When employees think their opinions are not important, they feel disconnected and insignificant. Ultimately, this affects the attitude of employees and thus affects customer service. On the other hand, when you recognize the employee's advice – whether or not you implement it – it builds confidence in the company and strengthens employees, and their efforts can make the organization better. In essence, when employees feel appreciated and respected, they are happier and more motivated.

2. No high level of trust


Trust is the foundation of open communication, employee retention and employee motivation. Trust is empowerment. Individuals who trust the people they work with are self-confident, open-minded, willing to take risks, have less resistance to change, and tend to act in a trustworthy manner. On the contrary, those who do not trust the people who work with them are often inefficient because they feel unsupported and lonely. Trust in the organization promotes the free flow of cooperation, commitment and ideas. It can help organizations survive and gain a competitive advantage. The key to maintaining a high level of trust is always telling the truth.

3. Conflict cannot be resolved


The conflict itself is not good or bad – it is inevitable. Use it to invite normal giving and talking to employees and let it work for you. When dealing with conflicts, be open-minded and listen. Consider the employee's feelings about the situation and find out where they can agree. If possible, fight for a win-win situation. If you don't have a conflict, you have no innovation and creativity.

4. Creative decline is not welcome


The survey has consistently shown that most employees are afraid to question or disagree with their superiors. However, in an organization where leaders are committed to creating an open communication climate, dissent is not only welcome but rewarded. Encourage employees to think, question and form independent judgments, and be responsible for changing the way they do business. One way to encourage employees to think is to initiate an employee suggestion plan. This allows employees to come up with ideas on how to improve the company and get rewards for it. Being able to express unique ideas makes employees feel as if they have contributed to the company in a positive way.

5. Staff's information is insufficient


Although gossip can be a reliable source of communication, in order to avoid misunderstandings and misinformation, it is best to use formal tools [meetings, memos, emails, etc.] to let employees know what's going on inside the organization. If these tools do not work, your company will be at risk due to lack of knowledge, interaction, support and formal communication.

6. Employee input is not voluntary


In any serious world-class quality effort, the key requirement is that all employees at all levels [regardless of race, gender, religion, culture, language, sexual orientation, age, etc.] are fully involved. Employee opinions are the key to organizational success. Don't limit your open communication to employee meetings. Create a questionnaire or appeal form, and employees can guarantee that they will express their concerns in a confidential manner and then openly discuss them during the meeting. This approach will help provide information about your company that you may or may not know, and will also build a sense of participation and improve employee work relationships and safety.

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