Painting outdoors or painting in the studio

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When I first visited Uncle's graphic art studio, I met painting experience, where I touched the temper and brushes and other materials used in those activities.

I remember that the jars of tempera were from Germany and the Netherlands. The tempera is a material that is diluted with water and transferred to paper using a brush. This is a covered painting that contrasts sharply with transparent watercolors or possible inks.

Oil is also a covering material, but it provides a different texture and its use is more used for painting on canvas. The use of tempera is destined to be used for commercial work.

In addition, I have experience in oil painting based on my experience with tempera in most commercial works. In fact, when I was in high school, I had the opportunity to take part in an oil painting course taught by a professor at the Lima Academy of Fine Arts during the school holidays.

There, I learned a lot from oil painting techniques, especially the still lifes and models painted in the halls of the school.

After these initial experiences, just like painting in the studio, I can say that my first experience in outdoor painting was when I was in the school painting competition. In this debate, students from all high school students in the city were involved. Organizers treat us with some interesting squares, where the general building is a church or a local municipality. The material we use is a painting on a hard cardboard base. Some participants used shoe polish as a coating. The winner of the competition received prizes and diplomas.

Once I rented a room in my aunt's house, where I remember a lot of paintings. I learned to prepare a canvas, which made my work easier and more economical.

A few years ago, I was more interested in watercolor painting. I have had experience with this material, but I think after seeing the work of the watercolor artist in the art salon organized by my city, I feel that I want to understand this technique and start using it to paint.

I decided to do some watercolor painting outdoors, so I looked for the scenery outside the city. Landscape with fields, trees, river and blue sky. In addition, the sunny climate is very important, because on sunny days, it is advisable to paint outdoors, because there are some lights and shadows to compare the painting. The best time to paint outdoors is before or after noon, because during those times, the shadows are better appreciated.

In fact, painting outdoors is really a very enjoyable experience, and when you get a good picture, it will be more enjoyable because it is like winning a challenge. It is recommended to take an easel and a folding chair, but in the wild you can find a place to sit. The easel must be supported by a heavy object, which can be a stone suspended from it. This is done to avoid unnecessary wind pulling it down.

The paper must first be glued to the wooden base, but it can also be cemented and glued on both sides.

In addition, you need to consider painting outdoor watercolor is a process that must be performed quickly, because the sun changes quickly, the color may change, although the form is not many, unless you are painting animals or birds like cows, horses.

Finally, you must welcome people or visitors to comment. In general, very few people stop to observe while painting, and if it happens, you should continue to focus on your paintings.

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