Parrot AR Drone Quad Copter in India

Technically cutting edge designing can easily be felt in its new highly advanced version Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Empowered with amazing processing power, automatic take-off and landing feature makes you feel that your dream of becoming an expert has turned true.

The light frame of Parrot AR Drone is made of nylon and carbon fibre, the robust structure holds reliable brushless motors. This RC aircraft gets airborne in split second, tilt you phone and you have your dear Parrot tilting too, yes, that's true, the controls are unbelievably simple. In India, you are bound to be surrounded by eager onlookers; you want to impress these viewers more? Just double tap on your connected smartphone and watch the aerial vehicle performing flips in mid-air, what a sight! Say thanks to auto maneuvering function that is built in the new Parrot Ar. Drone 2.0.

Inbuilt 720p HD camera can be directly connected to your smartphone and you can see and record real time footage that gets streamed to it. With this highly sophisticated RC aircraft you can even accomplish heli hovering at one mid-air spot by being absolute stationery. Providing you with ample time to click still shots to your heart's content. Entire photo shoot can easily be stored and then viewed and edited at your comfort zone. You can tune your expertise even further by picking up lessons from training videos on net, imparting tips to enhance your Parrot flying experience.

Wifi connection never let your Parrot fly uncontrolled, even on losing the signal, the Ar. Drone has unique pressure sensor feature that attributes for auto stabilizing. When the UAV senses the low signal, it is designed to auto land too, now isn't this just amazing? Innovative elements of Parrot Ar. Drone 2.0 has allowed intuitive flying, you can now take your parrot at much higher altitude (as high as 50m) without any fear of its safety. Remotely piloted drone is well equipped to take care of itself in an emergency.

In India, you can get your hands on it very easily due to total hassle free availability on net. Parrot Ar Drone is in different league altogether, the quad copter yields benefits much more than it costs. You will find authorized Indian dealers of Parrot AR Drone along with its accessories, who are offering very lucrative package deals, so don't wait to enjoy by testing your flying tricks; performing stunts like flipping which was never this effortless on any other drone in this category.

In India, Parrot AR Drone is considered to be most desirable autonomous flying robot, very easy on the pocket and endowed with best of the features.Parrot ar Drone India Way ahead of its time, this easy to control, Parrot generates the pro feel to even novice pilots.


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