Passive Facebook Recruiting Through PPC & Pages

Passive Facebook Recruiting Through PPC & Pages
The Searchologist School | Bite Sized Social Media Recruitment Training by Katrina Collier Join one lesson or join the lot | Join in person or live online Passive Facebook Recruiting Through PPC & Pages Facebook deserves more of your time; of all the people who choose one social network only 82% choose Facebook. At the time of writing there were 1 billion daily active users, you'd be crazy to ignore them. Katrina Collier will lead this masterclass, covering: – Here's looking at you, Facebook page. It's under review so let's maximise its effectiveness and emulate the best! – PPC advertising is an excellent way to tap into Facebook's buzzing community passively & using pixels will make it work even better.- And while we're here, let's close off advertising on Instagram too- Plus lesser known ideas for sharing your employee culture on Facebook. October's Guest speaker: TBA  What do you get? 8.30 am: Coffee, tea & croissants9.00 am: In-depth Social Recruiting Session – a power hour of social media recruitment nuggets.10.15am: Playtime to practise what you've just discovered so bring your laptop!11.15am: Dynamite guest speaker presentation and time for your questions.11.45am: Action plan, commit to what you'll do before your next class12.00pm: Head off and implement your new wisdom Can't make it to London? Don't worry, I've got you covered! Join in the training session and the presentation live (or recorded if you'd prefer) by webinar. Join The Searchologist School and… Improve your quality of hire Decrease your current time to hire Increase your employee referrals Improve cultural fit and retention Increase diversity Reduce time wasted in the hiring process, and Save bucket loads of cash on upfront and failed recruitment (which the CIPD estimates at £8,000 per employee!) Learning in bite-sized chunks ensures: Retention  Ease of implementation More time to play with your new techniques More interaction Accountability (join more than one lesson and you'll be part of an amazing support network) The highest return on your investment!  Come along in person or join by webinar!  If you're in London, come along! If London is too far, you can join live via webinar. Perfect!  Book 12 sessions for 9 If you'd like to maximise your return on investment, click here and book 12 classes for the price of 9.  Huge thanks to our sponsor: 

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