Patent Process Outsourcing in India – Emerging Trends

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Legal Process Outsourcing [LPO] is a strong industry in the field of knowledge process outsourcing [KPO] and is attracting international law firms that outsource legal work to India. In the LPO industry, patent outsourcing is catching up with the speed of other LPO jobs. While major US companies offer up to $15,000 in preparing and filing patent applications, companies based in India offer the same jobs in India for $2,500-3,500. This allows the company to submit additional patents within the same budget.

In the past decade, India’s participation in the outsourcing market has been unusual. Overseas customers and Indian entrepreneurs are constantly looking for new areas to provide professional and commercial support at a reasonable cost and to quickly turn around. India’s participation in patent-related markets is still in its infancy. In my opinion, it will take off soon – especially since India has many lawyers and even more scientific and engineering talent. The marriage between them will definitely support the patent market.

Patent outsourcing includes literature search, prior art search, technical and patentability assessment, infringement, FTO, conception, intellectual property assessment, patent proof reading, patent claims mapping, drafting responses to US examiner objections, preparation/submission/ Prosecution of trademark applications, infringement research, other intellectual property litigation, intellectual property asset management, patent mining and management.

In the past few years, dozens of Indian outsourcing service companies have emerged, most of which are creating good business. These companies offer a variety of patent-related research.

Technology is changing fast, and it's often difficult to keep track of all the trends that are happening on the Internet, all the ideas that have emerged in academia, and the innovations that you and your competitors are doing. Outsourcing companies provide advanced services to track technology trends and juxtapose academic research, market data and patent application information on a global scale. Cheers, in addition to helping you organize your technology roadmap and identify innovative partners around the world, as well as other IP services. The IP Landscape Report details the existing technology “as is”. These reports cover a wide range of areas of research and development that are critical to customers – for example, the entire product category. These reports are based on an analysis of hundreds or even thousands of patents and other unstructured information.

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